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About company

Hop Travel is dedicated to ensuring the best travel insurance experience for its members, prioritizing their financial well-being during unexpected events. With a variety of plans, they offer real-time claims payment and guaranteed cashless experiences, minimizing concerns about medical expenses or trip cancellations. The experienced and passionate team at Hop Travel is committed to delivering exceptional service, with 24/7 availability for immediate assistance in emergencies. Collaborating with a global network of medical providers, they ensure members receive top-notch care worldwide. Recognizing the diverse needs of travelers, Hop Travel provides a range of plans tailored to suit every type of journey, aiming to offer flexibility and peace of mind.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Orlando, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2022.

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After reading some of the reviews
by Zama

After reading some of the reviews, I'm eager to start my travel journey. I looking forwad to give it a try.

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The website is easy to navigate and
by Xinyi

The website is easy to navigate and the custom service answered my questions promptly. Overall, it's a good choice for travel insurance with B2 visa.

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The company is great!
by George

The company is great! I'm new to it but I have a feeling I'll stick around. They're doing a great job.

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After looking for insurance
by Anonymous

After looking for insurance for hours, I eventually chose HOP ULTRA PLUS before coming to the United States for a month. I found out about INF plans through a popular social media platform in China. It's simple to compare plans, pick one, and buy it on INF's website. It's supposed to be easier than other insurance options if you need to use it in the States, although I hope I won't have to.

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Hop is a solid company offering
by Zhenhua

Hop is a solid company offering a comprehensive travel risk plan. It covers a wide range of aspects you might encounter during your travels. The options available are satisfactory, allowing you to choose what suits you best. The online support is notably fast and responsive. Their representatives diligently monitor your plan and provide timely assistance.

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I invested significantly in Hop! Insurance's
by Ipshita

I invested significantly in Hop! Insurance's VIP plan, seeking robust coverage for my mother's visit to the US. Unfortunately, when she fell ill and required emergency care due to severe chills, the experience turned into a financial nightmare. Despite the assurance of comprehensive coverage, I was blindsided by a staggering $10,000 hospital bill. To my dismay, Hop denied the claim, asserting my mother's hypertension as a pre-existing condition linked to the urinary tract infection (UTI). The arbitrary nature of Hop's decision is deeply troubling. Their broad assertion that hypertension automatically predisposes someone to UTIs lacks scientific support and overlooks the complex factors contributing to these conditions. This dismissive approach not only left me burdened with an unjust financial strain but also eroded my trust in the insurance system's core purpose—to provide essential healthcare support in times of need. Hop! Insurance's actions reveal a callous disregard for policyholders' well-being, prioritizing profit over customer interests. This experience serves as a cautionary tale, urging potential customers to exercise extreme care before entrusting their healthcare coverage to Hop. The consequences of such a decision could prove to be a costly mistake, leaving individuals grappling with the aftermath for years.

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I recently enrolled in INF insurance,
by Jithamitra

I recently enrolled in INF insurance, and I am content with my choice. Throughout my exploration of insurance alternatives, INF emerged as a reliable provider, meeting my expectations adequately. INF insurance demonstrates a comprehension of the significance of customer contentment, maintaining a satisfactory level of customer service. Notably, INF insurance provides an extensive array of coverage options, encompassing Precoverage. Despite their reliable service and coverage, INF insurance remains competitive in pricing, delivering commendable value for the coverage provided.

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