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About company

Creditstar offers a seamless solution for those in need of a small loan. With a transparent short-term loan process, applicants can expect a quick and straightforward experience. The borrowing procedure is designed for efficiency, requiring no more than 10 minutes to complete the application. CreditStar's commitment to clarity ensures borrowers understand the terms and conditions associated with their loans. Whether facing unexpected expenses or seeking financial flexibility, Creditstar provides a reliable platform for obtaining small loans with minimal hassle.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2006.

Creditstar UK is an international financial technology company established in 2006. It does its best to make people’s lives easier by providing fair financial services. Thus, with more than 15 years of experience, the company brings to the market only reliable and convenient products accessible to anyone who wants to become a company’s client on a regular basis. Those who want a flexible service regarding loan issues can be sure that Creditstar will provide the best assistance with clear and upfront offers to make the procedure as simple and beneficial as possible. The company’s mission is to ensure clients receive only trusted and reliable offers so they can apply for a loan anywhere and anytime with transparent and understandable conditions for a positive outcome. Currently, the company operates in 8 countries across Europe and has over one million registered users who were successfully engaged in the borrowing process through this leading consumer finance company. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the company’s internal policies and standards ensure that Creditstar abides by the rules and regulations of FCA. 

Company Background

According to other Creditstar reviews, this company has been innovative and technology-oriented since the beginning of its foundation. As mentioned, the company has been operating in the financial market for over 15 years, providing customers with the best client experience. Creditstar UK Limited was registered in 2006 in England and Wales with a registered office at Mappin House, Oxford Street, London, United Kingdon W1W 8HF. Aaro Sosaar serves as the CEO and founder of the company, making Creditstar an installment loan direct lender that offers loans ranging from £500 to £5,000. Lending money on the condition that it should be returned within 6 to 18 months is a simple and convenient method, allowing customers to use the installment cash loan more conveniently, freely, and flexibly. Creditstar Group employs around 80 employees. The company’s management team includes Kashyap Shah (SEO Craditstar UK), Valtera Kaleta (Board Member), and Narek Vardanyan (SEO manager). They have participated in the company’s evolution from the beginning of its foundation, helping and contributing to its development and renovation. One can find Credit Group profiles available on RocketReach to get the answer to the question, “Is Creditstar real?” and to ensure they receive only reliable assistance. 

Products and Services

Creditstar Group provides its customers with flexible personal loans with repayment terms from five days to three years, enabling the users to make responsible loan decisions. Customers who are at least 21 years old and employed residents of the UK can get all the required services concerning their loan issues and repair their commitments in time. Consequently, all applications are verified with credit reference agencies. Such credit check procedures help to determine the affordability of a loan a customer is applying for. All the verifying processes are conducted on the website and are supervised by highly qualified specialists. It takes a little time to verify the Creditstar order and proceed to the next financing stage. According to terms and conditions, all clients are required to repay the loan on the agreed date. Creditstar clients can get a loan for any occasion, whether a house renovation, dental care, or unexpected costs. Moreover, with a Creditstar promo code, they can apply for a loan with significant amounts of money. The Creditstar provides payday loan alternatives that can be repaid in monthly installments. There is also an unsecured personal loan type suitable for any need that arises in life. Those customers who look for Creditstar coupons can get some when applying for loans for travel, fashion, or weddings so that they can enjoy any life event without worry. 

Operational Markets

The question, “Is Creditstar legit?” is becoming less frequently discussed on forums, as it became clear that the company is persistent in its intention to grow and offer only trustworthy services. Their plans are not only to broaden their product offerings in the existing markets but also to extend the business by providing purchase financing in different countries. Currently, the company can offer its service in such countries as Estonia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Fortunately, with no negative Creditstar reviews and complaints, the company can confidently scale its credit line products through other countries on different continents. By enhancing its technologies and streamlining lending operations, Creditstar can beat any competitor with similar services. 

Customer Base

Creditstar is a reliable lending company that can support its clients in any circumstance by providing solid financial services with knowledgeable and friendly client assistance. More new customers from various parts of the world have a chance to apply a Creditstar discount code to make their requests more efficient and beneficial for their individual purposes. Thus, the client base is successfully growing, allowing Creditstar to evolve and maintain strong positions in the financial market. Today, Creditstar gained the trust of more than 805,0002 customers in 8 countries across Europe. Residents of Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Spain, and other European countries can easily turn to Creditstar, a loan direct lender, for loans. A positive Creditstar review is a common case on consumer credit platforms and forums, and there is no doubt the company attracts more clients with the help of those recommendations and client evaluation of its services and open banking work. Other entities that use the company’s credit offerings also contribute to making the onboarding process for new clients more efficient. According to statistics, Creditstar returns from 12 to 15 percent, hiking the rates on the loans with a term time of more than 720 days to encourage more clients to support long-term lending. With the company’s great work and the desire to develop, there are mainly positive reviews from the customers who requested Creditstar. The issue, “Is Creditstar reliable?” has never been raised in customers’ reviews after getting involved in the borrowing process. 


The Creditstar team strives to provide clients with the best customer service, so there wouldn’t be even a hint to the question, “Is Creditstar safe?”. There is enough proof that the company is engaged in serious business to meet its customers' needs and expectations. Any private person can get flexible consumer loans for almost any life occasion. Creditstar is responsible for guaranteeing its clients the most effective and simple way to get financial help without loss and problems. Such simple and accessible borrowing can make clients’ lives easier and happier when trusted in Creditstar by making at least one request for financial assistance. Being a lucky Creditstar client will ensure one never keeps such questions as “Is Creditstar a scam?” in their heads, as the company provides only high-quality and reliable products. Today, anyone can have a great chance to become one of the 1 million registered users of Creditstar and get a discount code for their next important loan. Currently, the company is planning to expand its horizons in the financial market, engaging more entities and investors to cooperate and use the provided services. Thus, Creditstar doesn't stop its intention to operate in more than just 8 countries by considering more flexible projects and suggesting effective business ideas outside its marked territory.

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The worst company, they
by Kim

The worst company, they can't correct bank details and totally don't care about customers, Customer service is very difficult to understand as they are foreigners. Get this sheet metal company shut down as soon as possible

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When are you going to pay Lendermarket?
by Alvaro

When are you going to pay Lendermarket??? Because as I understand it with Mintos, if you are complying... Can you return even the capital without interest? For trying to recover something...

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Can you give any explanation about
by Juan

Can you give any explanation about the pending payments in Lendermarket? I've had money standing still for 8 MONTHS, and some of us need it to eat. It's a real shame. Don't even think about putting a single euro into this company.

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I don't get why. If you've got
by Lynne

I don't get why. If you've got all day to wait for a page to load, then go for it. But even though it says it only takes minutes to apply, it's not true. Look somewhere else if you need something quick and easy.

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Can't apply
by Anders

Can't apply When you apply for a loan and sign, it is pending until the company has approved it, but if you write an e-mail to them, you will be denied that they do not approve loans due to their IT system, and thus your application expires Have applied 3 times over 3 different months and it's the same every time

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Caution is advised when considering
by Steven

Caution is advised when considering involvement with LM and CreditStar due to persistent issues with pending payments. The prevalence of non-performing loans raises concerns about their financial stability. It's advisable to stay vigilant until these payment challenges are resolved to avoid potential risks associated with these companies.

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Experiencing common problems shared
by Nigel Ross

Experiencing common problems shared by others, my encounter with this company was disappointing. Despite timely payments, a simple request to shift my last payment by just five days led to an unnecessary report to credit agencies, falsely indicating a need for a debt management scheme. Avoid this company, as there are numerous alternatives offering superior service and reliability.

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Secured a loan online, completed contracts
by Novelidea

Secured a loan online, completed contracts, and verified repayment terms. However, the company had a sudden change of heart. Received multiple automated responses to queries, but none addressed the concerns. While the website seems user-friendly on the surface, it's a deceptive facade, leading to frustration and time wasted instead of finding a practical solution.

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I applied for a loan, got approved,
by John

I applied for a loan, got approved, and completed the verification process, only to later find out that my loan was inexplicably declined due to a technical glitch. The experience was utterly disappointing and unacceptable. Considering the gravity of the situation, I am compelled to escalate the matter to the Financial Conduct Authority. My advice: steer clear of this company!

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I'd rate them 1 star if possible
by Lynne

I'd rate them 1 star if possible. The website's slow loading makes the application process frustrating. Despite claiming a quick application, the reality is far from it. If you're looking for a fast and easy process, it's best to explore other options. The time-consuming experience and technical issues make it less than ideal for those seeking efficiency.

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