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About company

Caffè Concerto, renowned for its opulent and contemporary dining ambiance, features luxuriously decorated rooms complemented by a robust music policy. With a commitment to culinary excellence, they proudly serve indulgent Afternoon Tea, offering a delightful blend of fine food and exquisite celebration cakes. The dining experience at Caffè Concerto is marked by sophistication and a harmonious atmosphere, creating a perfect setting for patrons to enjoy a blend of culinary delights and musical pleasures. The establishment's dedication to providing an upscale and aesthetically pleasing environment has made it a preferred destination for those seeking a refined dining experience in contemporary surroundings.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded by Patisserie Valerie.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2007.

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As soon as I entered Caffe Concerto
by Iustin

As soon as I entered Caffe Concerto, I sensed it would be great. The place mixes modern and classical styles well, pleasing the eyes. The decor's attention to detail makes it inviting. Madalina's service stood out, with her warm smile and kindness. Her professionalism and care were remarkable, making my visit unforgettable. The coffee was amazing too! Clearly, Caffe Concerto values quality. Overall, my visit was perfect. It's a must for coffee lovers, with service that makes you feel special. It's a gem in the city, definitely worth coming back to!

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Eskedar Theodore provided exceptional hospitality, extending a warm welcome to both me and my friend
by jam

Eskedar Theodore provided exceptional hospitality, extending a warm welcome to both me and my friend. Her attentive and caring demeanor was evident not only towards us but also in how she graciously addressed other customers. I observed her comforting a little girl, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Eskedar's excellent service contributed significantly to a pleasant and memorable experience.

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Food and service were
by RR

Food and service were nice. Lots of food options, including desserts. But, around 7:30pm, many desserts were gone, only 7 left out of 30. Also, they didn't have gnocchi, my first choice. They made my dish with a different pasta though. Still, I'd suggest it for good food and service, but don't expect many dessert choices in the evening.

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Customer service on the cake
by Müge Günkan

Customer service on the cake ordering phone line was disappointing. The experience involved rudeness, dishonesty, and evasive tactics, culminating in abrupt hang-ups when confronted about falsehoods. A regrettable encounter, making it the worst in terms of service quality.

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Disappointing experience with the
by VK

Disappointing experience with the company's cake ordering phone line. Unpleasant customer service, marked by rudeness, dishonesty, and evasion. The encounter left a negative impression, highlighting areas that need significant improvement.

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