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The British Council, a distinguished British organization, specializes in providing international cultural and educational opportunities. With a global reach, it functions as a key player in facilitating cross-cultural exchange and fostering educational collaborations. The organization focuses on creating platforms for international cooperation and understanding through various cultural and educational initiatives. Known for its commitment to promoting the English language, the British Council plays a pivotal role in enhancing cultural relationships and knowledge-sharing across borders. As a reputable entity, it stands as a valuable resource for individuals seeking diverse opportunities in education and cultural engagement on a global scale.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded by British government.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1934.

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BEWARE! I booked an online
by Sara

BEWARE! I booked an online test n' the staff was LIEING to me bout an application running in the background of my laptop. I checked, NOTHING was running there. They denied me doing the test due to false reasons. It was already the second test date because of technical issues on their side on the first date. They say I will get my money back, but I don't receive the language certificate in time for my university application. Most unfair situation I ever was in. The person who denied me my test entrance should get fired. Nobody was able to help.

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I got an IELTS test from
by Muha

I got an IELTS test from British council in Islamabad. It was my second time taking the test. The security and staff were very helpful. The test started on time and everything was on schedule. But, I had some doubts about the testing material and method. The speaking test was on a computer, so there were network issues. Speaking while the other person started was not fair. Also, the listening and reading tests felt more like computer tasks than language tests. Overall, it was okay, so I give it five stars.

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The company strives for excellence,
by Rosalind E

The company strives for excellence, although not consistently achieving perfection. Unfortunately, there's a noticeable lack of concern for employees throughout the organizational hierarchy.

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Disappointed. Took the exam on
by jinan usman

Disappointed. Took the exam on February 17, 2024. It's been a month, and the results haven't been published yet. Not good at all. Very disappointed with this academy.

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The company tries hard to do well
by Rosalind

The company tries hard to do well, though they don't always get it all right. They don't seem to prioritize their employees, from the highest levels to the lowest.

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by jinan

Disappointed. Took the exam on February 17, 2024. It's been a whole month, and still no results published. This academy is the worst. I'm really let down.

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The company really helped me
by Anonymous

The company really helped me with my daughter's school papers. They gave clear instructions fast. It was a good experience.

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