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About company

Alibris stands as a thriving and independent marketplace, actively participating in the global media industry. Operating online sales, eBooks, and dealing in used/out-of-print books, music, and movies, Alibris has evolved into a dynamic platform. The marketplace facilitates independent sellers in connecting with buyers through innovative marketplace solutions and collaborations with numerous prominent global media retailers. Partnerships with major players like eBay (US) and Hudson's Bay (Canada) underscore Alibris's influence and reach within the industry, contributing to its standing as a key player in the worldwide media business.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Berkeley, California, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Anindo Dey.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1997.

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The item I ordered from this
by Felicity

The item I ordered from this company eventually arrived, but it took a long time, about 5 weeks. When it arrived, I noticed that the edges were scuffed. I won't bother asking for a refund for the damaged book because I've heard from others that it's not worth the hassle. After this experience, I've decided not to use Alibris again. Their customer service is terrible, and their shipping times are too long. I was worried whether my order would arrive at all.

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Big letdown. Waited over three
by Anonymous

Big letdown. Waited over three weeks and still no sign of my order. According to USPS, it was delivered to someone in California, but I live in the UK. Trying to contact them is a lost cause. Emails ignored, and they don't even have a phone number, supposedly to cut costs. Can't even get a refund or return the item since I never received it.

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Disappointing experience with
by Anonymous

Disappointing experience with this company. Been waiting for my order for over 3 weeks, and it's still a no-show. According to USPS, it got delivered to someone in Bell Gardens, California, but I'm in the UK. No response to my emails, and there's no phone number available, supposedly to cut costs. Can't get a refund or return the item since I never received it.

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Over the years, my experience with
by Jo Tomalin

Over the years, my experience with Alibris has generally been satisfactory. However, I've encountered challenges when ordering books from the US, particularly with the tracking process. Once the orders reach a shipping facility in the US, the tracking information becomes limited. A recent order placed in early December, which reached the US site on December 18th, is still pending as of February 15th. Despite reaching out to the sellers, who redirected the responsibility to Alibris once it reached the US site, my attempts to contact Alibris have been less than fruitful. Despite Alibris stating a 48-hour response time, it has been six days since my inquiry, and I have only received a confirmation of my query. Unfortunately, the lack of communication persists, with two weeks passing without any response from Alibris. Attempts to seek assistance from the sellers have proven unhelpful, leaving me without the ordered book and no indication of a refund. This current state of service is disappointing, especially considering the positive experiences I had with Alibris in the past.

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his store is a culinary treasure trove
by David Warner

This store is a culinary treasure trove! The cookbooks offer diverse inspiration for chefs of all levels. A must-visit for anyone passionate about cooking, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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My experience with Greener Books and Alibris has been mixed
by David H

My experience with Greener Books and Alibris has been mixed. While two out of three ordered books arrived promptly, the third, dispatched weeks ago, is still missing. Despite sending two emails, I received no response from Greener Books. Alibris provided an automated reply, warning that my response might extend their response time. After a month, the lack of further communication left me frustrated. The timely delivery of ordered items is crucial, and the unresponsiveness of the customer service channels hampers the overall satisfaction with this book purchase experience.

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