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Above9 Travel has a 3.7 - star rating from 6 reviews, indicating a low level of customer satisfaction!

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About company

Above9, an esteemed online travel agency, prioritizes client satisfaction by offering unparalleled value for Business and First class flights. Renowned for prioritizing comfort over discounts, they ensure a superlative travel experience. Serving a global clientele, Above9 excels in booking premium flight tickets, embodying their commitment to excellence. The agency's name epitomizes its straightforward and robust pledge to consistently deliver exceptional travel experiences and top-notch service quality. Above9 stands as a trusted partner for those seeking the epitome of luxury in air travel.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in United States.
  • Founders: Above9 Travel was founded by Ludvig Surgoft.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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My travel guide was Jason
by Carol

My travel guide was Jason Cooper. He couldn't have been more accomodating, more helpful. I highly recommend both Above9 and Jason. Of course I haven't yet made my trip but so far all has been excellent.

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Hadd some issues with
by Jim W

Hadd some issues with my ticket name and date. Got prompt assistance and everything got sorted out. Enzo is my go-to for trips to Asia and Australia from now on. Appreciate the support.

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I believe the company provided
by Pushpa

I believe the company provided a fair price for the trip with a decent airline even though I booked last minute. The agent Zack Johnson was nice to deal with.

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So, if you're thinking about

So, if you're thinking about rolling with this travel agent, do yourself a favor and triple-check those flight deets. My TA rep dropped the ball and forgot to mention I had to snag my luggage after the first leg of my flights. And oh, don't forget to grill them about cash ticket purchases – if you don't, you're stuck without any DIY seat reservations and zero mileage credit. My whole buying experience with them? Let's just say, disappointment galore.

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Yo, just gotta give a shoutout to Carlos
by Jill J

Yo, just gotta give a shoutout to Carlos – total pro! Booking went a bit haywire thanks to the airline's system crash, but Carlos was a champ. Super patient, mega supportive, and didn't leave us hanging. Kept us in the loop on the ticket saga and even followed up. Solid experience in the chaos.

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Booking was easy, no doubt
by Lauren

Booking was easy, no doubt about it. But, man, trying to tweak my flight has been like pulling teeth. Left voicemails, sent emails to what feels like everyone and their cousin, and not a single callback or follow-up in sight. It's like playing tag with ghosts. Come on, team, let's get those communication channels up and running!

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