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Zazzle empowers users by placing their imagination at their fingertips, aspiring to be The Make Engine, granting people the ability to bring anything imaginable to life. Navigating their marketplace reveals a diverse landscape: Designers present their art, Makers showcase customizable products, and a plethora of create-your-own options await users. Zazzle serves as a dynamic platform where creativity knows no bounds, fostering a community of creators and consumers alike. With a mission centered on making imagination tangible, Zazzle invites users to explore, personalize, and manifest their unique ideas into a myriad of products available on the platform.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Robert, Jeff and Bobby Beaver.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2009.

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I bought this personalized card for my husband to give him on our 25th anniversary
by RB

I bought this personalized card for my husband to give him on our 25th anniversary. I used pictures from our dating, our wedding, and through the years, including one in the center with our children and grandchild. It was easy and fun to create and arrived within a couple of weeks. Although it’s a little big, it looks great, and my husband loved it so much that it’s displayed in our home for all to see. The sentimental value and quality of the card made it a perfect choice for such a special occasion. I would recommend this service to others.

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The Customer Service Team is really good.
by Last

The Customer Service Team is really good. They respond quickly and pay great attention to the problems and needs of the customer. They sorted out my order problem by giving me a credit and gave clear instructions on what to do next. Another issue popped up later, but they fixed it quickly to make me happy. When they say they guarantee 100% satisfaction, they really do! I recommend them. As for the products... I've only bought mugs, but they were what I expected. The pictures were printed nicely.

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I ordered the Ukrainian print
by Dawn Kotiuk

I ordered the Ukrainian print, but the quality was far from what was advertised on the website. The shirt appeared worn and faded, unlike the sharp, beautiful, and colorful image online. Sizing was also problematic, as the 6-8 size for kids proved inadequate even for a small 6-year-old. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the product based on the significant difference between the advertised and received items, both in terms of quality and sizing accuracy.

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The company's Customer Service
by Missy

The company's Customer Service Team is really great. They respond fast and show great care for customer problems and time. They fixed my order problem and gave clear instructions. Another issue was sorted out quickly too. They really mean it when they say 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! I suggest trying them out. The mugs I ordered were fine, with clear prints.

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The product I got had a noticeable
by Eryn O

The product I got had a noticeable difference from what I anticipated. Unfortunately, the picture's edge was more cropped than depicted in the product review. Additionally, uncertainty surrounds the scratch-proof quality of the picture-covering material. This aspect left me questioning the overall product quality and attention to detail.

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The delivery was remarkably quick
by Kim E

The delivery was remarkably quick, and the product mirrored the online image accurately. I sought a vintage and distinctive design, and these surpassed my expectations. While desiring a smaller ticket style, the larger size didn't diminish the beautiful and impactful design, making a notable statement.

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Zazzle's website is easy to use
by Shaun

Zazzle's website is easy to use, with loads of options for any project we can think of. It got us excited to find Zazzle. Our first 2 items we ordered came quickly and looked amazing!

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Your prompt and efficient service saved the day.
by Jamie Lee

I had a last-minute order and needed a notecard that was out of stock to arrive in a hurry, and you got it done so quickly. Thank you! Your prompt and efficient service saved the day.

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The boots are visually appealing and
by Friend of Ted

The boots are visually appealing and accurately sized, earning my satisfaction. Delivery was prompt, and I appreciate the overall service provided by the company.

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I absolutely love how our save
by Jessica

I absolutely love how our save the dates turned out! The designs are gorgeous and the website was really easy to use!

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