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About company is New Zealand's foremost hub for careers and education, committed to providing the best educational resources. The dedicated team at shares a passion for education and strives to offer the most comprehensive and valuable educational content to empower individuals in their career journeys. With a wide range of resources, from career guidance to course listings, serves as an invaluable platform for those seeking to enhance their education and career prospects in New Zealand. The hub's mission is to facilitate informed decisions, enabling individuals to pursue the education and career path that aligns with their aspirations and ambitions. For top-notch educational insights and opportunities, is the go-to destination in New Zealand.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2002.

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This websit is good for learnin'
by Pesaeli

This websit is good for learnin' stuff in diff'rent areas. It's a good place to start if ya wanna learn new things and get more skills.

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This company got decent stuff
by Deena

This company got decent stuff to learn, but these qualifications ain't recognized in New Zealand, which is kinda bad. Still, it's good for gettin' knowledge to start a career or studyin'.

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Well, I can't quite figure out what this is all
by M Raymond

Well, I can't quite figure out what this is all about, but I'm assuming it's for the beginner's course in Medical Admin receptionist. Unfortunately, it's not useful to me because it's not a course accredited by NZQA.

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They kept asking for my phone
by Anonymous

They kept asking for my phone number and bombarded me with spam emails. All they seemed to care about was the price. I started thinking they might be scammers.

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I am thoroughly enjoying
by Rajinesh Na

I am thoroughly enjoying the course right now. I appreciate the way the material is presented, taking me through each step in a detailed manner that's easy to grasp.

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I'm not sure what this
by Usha P

I'm not sure what this is in relation to, but I assume it's about the Medical Admin Receptionist Beginners course. Unfortunately, it's not suitable for me as it's not an NZQA course.

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I easily found the course I needed with clear, helpful information available
by Lin Wang

I easily found the course I needed with clear, helpful information available. Unfortunately, I won't be able to enroll until after November due to scheduling constraints.

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