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About company

Sigma Homes specializes in crafting exquisite, bespoke properties for discerning buyers in the southeast of England. With 40 years of development experience, they cater to a demanding clientele. Their residences seamlessly blend local architectural heritage with contemporary aesthetics. Sigma Homes offers sustainable, cost-efficient living in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. Their commitment to excellence ensures homes that stand out.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Horsham, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded by Mark Allison.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2014.

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I recently bought a Sigma House that's
by Sarah

I recently bought a Sigma House that's about 2 years old. I had to match the kitchen worktop, so I called their main office. The lady I talked to was really helpful and gave me the info I needed right away.

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We got our new Sigma home last
by Tilly

We got our new Sigma home last December. The sales team, especially David, was very helpful in helping us buy it. After moving in, the customer care has been great. Abbey, the customer care co-ordinator, Mark, the site foreman, and Brian, the site manager, have been quick and responsive. Overall, the customer service has been excellent. We would recommend it.

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Our experience with Sigma Homes over
by Ponsford

Our experience with Sigma Homes over the past year has been less than satisfactory. Despite a significant delay in the completion of our home, the workmanship, especially in carpentry, was subpar. The site manager acknowledged the incomplete state of the house, and although some issues were addressed during ongoing work, the overall organization was lacking. The house was not finished to an acceptable standard, with subsequent attempts to rectify the problems falling short. Sigma's difficulties in coordinating tradesmen further exacerbated the stressful and inconvenient process. Overall, our new Sigma home has been a regrettable disappointment.

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Sigma Homes has been a constant source of
by Frances Rose

Sigma Homes has been a constant source of disappointment. Our move-in experience was marred by poor quality and a forced homelessness episode. The promised luxury turned into ongoing stress for 16 months. Numerous issues, from electrical problems and poorly installed windows to mastic mishaps and patio slopes, reflect Sigma's lack of attention to detail. Bosses Geoff Potton and Tony Kenny seem indifferent to the upheaval caused, showing no inclination to compensate for the mental toll on families. Despite Abbey's sympathy, Sigma's stance on compensation needs reevaluation. The entire journey has been a frustrating battle, leaving us thoroughly dissatisfied.

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The mortar on our front path started
by P Lane

The mortar on our front path started crumbling just 16 months into our residence. Despite Sigma's claim of emphasizing quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they attributed the issue to weather, refusing warranty coverage. Disappointed by their dismissal and concerned about the longevity of other property components under the same reasoning.

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Our experience with Sigma Homes
by Sheila Ponsford

Our experience with Sigma Homes over the past year has been far from pleasant. The move-in process was marred by a five-month delay, and upon arrival, the house was far from completion. The overall workmanship, especially in carpentry, left much to be desired. The site manager acknowledged the deficiencies, but the remedial efforts were often subpar, with patched pieces of wood evident in the skirting boards. Sigma's lack of organization resulted in wasted journeys for tradesmen, adding unnecessary stress and inconvenience. While some issues were addressed, the overall finish of our home was a significant letdown.

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Moving into our new home from Sigma Homes
by Mrs S

Moving into our new home from Sigma Homes was a year-long ordeal, contrary to our initial hopes for a dream residence. Dealing with over 400 snags/defects turned the past year into a stressful project management challenge. The volume and magnitude of issues were beyond belief. What's worse is the exasperating experience with Sigma Homes—having to persistently push for issue resolution, encountering lies, witnessing disorganized trade arrangements, and a stark absence of remorse for the ordeal they've subjected us to. Sadly, our neighbors share the same sentiment, turning what was supposed to be a luxury home experience into a nightmare with Sigma Homes.

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Even though my house is
by Samantha Bradley

Even though my house is semi-detached, I still feel like I have the whole building to myself because I never hear my neighbors. Also, I have plenty of room for everything. Overall, I’m satisfied.

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My experience with Sigma has been fantastic
by Sophia Abbott

My experience with Sigma has been fantastic. I easily scheduled a property tour, and soon after, I made my payment for my first home. The entire process has been incredibly smooth, and I couldn't be happier.

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