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Matki, a leading name in luxury bathroom solutions, champions innovation, design, and uncompromising quality. Their UK-based in-house design team is well-versed in crafting bathroom products that marry form and function seamlessly. Matki's commitment to excellence extends from design to manufacturing, where every product is meticulously handcrafted to order in the UK, ensuring enduring quality. Rigorous testing and attention to detail guarantee that Matki products meet and exceed industry standards. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their after-sales and technical support services, assuring that Matki creations continue to perform flawlessly and enhance your bathroom's aesthetics for years to come. Matki has been a symbol of excellence since its inception in 1971.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Yate, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1971.

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After 15 years of use, our Matki shower
by Malcolm

After 15 years of use, our Matki shower needed a new valve and service kit. Although it wasn't available in stock, the manufacturer provided it after testing. We called to order on Monday afternoon and received it by Wednesday morning. Now, our shower is back to working perfectly. Thanks to Cameron and Matki for the great service!

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I called Matki because our Matki
by John

I called Matki because our Matki Elixir EX28 Shower had a problem. The customer service was really good. Esme, the person I talked to, listened carefully and asked the right questions to understand the problem. Then, she suggested a solution and I ordered the replacement parts over the phone. They confirmed the order by email and said they would send the parts urgently. It was great! I'm satisfied with the service.

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I'm still awaiting the arrival
by Jason

I'm still awaiting the arrival of my ordered parts as it's only been a day since I placed the order. However, I must say my experience with the ordering process and communication with the staff has been outstanding.

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Shoutout to Matki and Lucas
by Jon B

Shoutout to Matki and Lucas for their top-notch after-sales technical support! They were patient, super knowledgeable, and found just the right replacement part. I'm seriously impressed with their professionalism. If only all companies could provide after-sales service like this, the world would be a better place!

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So, after a bit of back-and-forth
by Paul B

So, after a bit of back-and-forth, they finally sorted out the problem I was having, which is a relief. Their after-sales support was actually pretty darn helpful. They were quick to respond to my emails and got those replacement products to me in a jiffy. Oh, and here's a handy tip for anyone who might be in the same boat – if you're struggling to fit a replacement shower seal, a bit of Vaseline on the panel's edge makes things a whole lot easier and less breakage-prone. Good to know!

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  1. Is Matki a good brand?

    For over 40 years, Matki Showering has maintained its position as a leader in the shower industry and has garnered a commendable reputation for their innovative designs that seamlessly blend style with cutting-edge technology.

  2. How do I contact Matki UK?

    Matki can be reached by emailing [email protected] or by dialing 01454 322 888 to request changes or updates to any provided data.

  3. Where are Matki showers made?

    Matki showers have their headquarters in Bristol, and they have skilled artisans located throughout the South of England. Bristol is where they produce their shower doors and screens, while their shower trays are made in Cornwall, and their brassware and special finishes are crafted in Hampshire. When choosing Matki, one can be certain of the precise origin of each component.

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