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About company

PolyPads is a British manufacturer renowned for crafting durable, pressure-relieving saddle pads. Their wide range of options caters to various equestrian needs, from casual riders to professional eventers. These saddle pads have earned the trust of professionals across multiple disciplines. They offer customization with various pad and binding colors, as well as optional embroidery. PolyPads excel in protecting your horse's back by reducing and evenly distributing pressure from the saddle and rider. Their selection accommodates various saddle styles and horses, including custom sizes and thicknesses. All PolyPads are meticulously handcrafted in the UK by experienced horse owners who prioritize equine comfort. Their iconic design has been imitated but never surpassed. Proudly made in the UK, PolyPads aims to enhance your horse's well-being.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Mansfield, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1988.

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Regrettably, my experience with
by stefania manderioli

Regrettably, my experience with Polypads, also trading under Comfort Zone Equestrian, has been marked by poor customer service. Despite placing an order for a quarter sheet at Your Horse Live and being promised delivery within 10 days, the item has not arrived. Multiple attempts to reach out through calls, emails, texts, and even Facebook Messenger have all gone unanswered. This lack of responsiveness is disappointing, especially considering my initial interest in their product, as seen at the show. While I appreciate the appeal of their offerings, the subpar service has significantly dampened my overall impression of the company. It's disheartening when a potentially good product is overshadowed by the failure to deliver on basic customer service expectations.

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I placed an order over a month ago
by chloe newton

I placed an order over a month ago and am yet to receive it. The customer service was disappointing, with a rude and dismissive response stating the package was lost with no refund or replacement until it's located. This is crucial for my horse's back issues, and the unhelpful attitude left me upset and dissatisfied with the company's handling of the situation.

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I faced frustration when I had to chase my order
by Bernice Bradburn

My experience with Dmoose was mixed. I faced frustration when I had to chase my order, and their customer service phone line was unattended, making it hard to seek assistance. However, they were responsive via email, promptly addressing my concerns. I'd suggest they consider adding an answering machine to the phone line for better customer support.

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Delivery times are extended
by Catherine Stimpson

Delivery times are extended, and communication is lacking, creating a less than satisfactory experience. Despite the quality of the product, the prolonged wait and inadequate communication contribute to a disappointing overall situation.

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by Heather Morris

Experiencing disappointment as I received the incorrect order, and unfortunately, customer service has been unresponsive. Not a favorable situation, and I would not recommend based on this experience.

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