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About company

A seasoned dog owner, this individual creates products that enhance the quality of life with dogs, aiming to simplify daily routines and make the time spent with pets even more enjoyable. These thoughtfully designed products cater to the needs of pet owners and have been developed out of a personal need that the market didn't fulfill. Each creation is inspired by the needs of pets, and they've undergone extensive testing at home. Additionally, cat and dog products have been "road tested" with input from team members' cats and dogs. The product line includes practical pet rugs and mats for both home and car use. These homegrown designs and inventions are crafted with pride, now available to share with fellow pet enthusiasts.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in PEWSEY, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded by Ray Foard.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2009.

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I've purchased most of their items
by Ca K

I've purchased most of their items, including mats, seat covers, car accessories, beds, and more. I've been a dog owner for 45 years and have tried lots of different products, but I have to say, the items from this company are fantastic. The chair covers stay in place, the rugs are easy to wash, the food mats are all over my house, and my dogs absolutely love the beds. The delivery is always fast, and the manager is incredibly nice if you have any questions. I even use their car Defender to prevent my old girl from scratching the bumper, and it works like a charm. I'm about to place another order because my puppy just chewed up a food mat, and I need a full boot protector for the car since the puppy tends to get travel sick. You can't go wrong with this company.

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I've been a loyal customer of Pet
by Puneet Gupta

I've been a loyal customer of Pet Rebellion, and each rug I've purchased has exceeded expectations. With a husky and a Newfoundland x German Shepherd, my floors face constant mud challenges. These rugs have been absolute lifesavers, preserving my carpet effortlessly. Their functionality is spot-on, and lifting them for cleaning is a breeze. Pet Rebellion truly understands and delivers on the needs of pet owners like myself.

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I got the backpack and some extras
by Patricia

I got the backpack and some extras. It arrived fast, which was great. The backpack is really strong with wide shoulder straps and padding. It's a good size for us because we have two dogs and need to carry double of everything. Everything fits in well. Also got the pet towel, which is lightweight but dries the dogs well. It's useful with the current weather in Britain. Overall, I'm happy with what I bought.

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Impressive waterproof seat cover!
by Judith Bauer-Basham

Impressive waterproof seat cover! It effectively shields my car seat from my Staffy's muddy paws, ensuring top-notch protection. What sets it apart is its stability – no annoying slipping or sliding. I'm so satisfied with its performance that I'm definitely purchasing another for my driver's seat. Outstanding product!

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Just got our new car seat cover.
by Anonymous

Just got our new car seat cover. It's super lightweight and soft. Easy to install, and when needed, easy to unclip for washing. Even our 3 spaniels like them. We used to have indoor seat covers from the same company, glad they now have car seat covers too. Pretty impressed!

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Impressed with the sofa protector
by Jms

Impressed with the sofa protector in a lovely light blue shade; it boasts excellent quality and withstands washing effectively. Took advantage of a great deal to snag two. Also own Pet Rebellion rugs, equally durable and easy to clean. A solid choice for home essentials.

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Flawless experience from beginning to
by Sarah Green

Flawless experience from beginning to end. Consistently delivers durable, high-quality products. The seamless customer service and efficient delivery, coupled with effective communication throughout, are noteworthy. Surprisingly, they're a local gem!

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Just got me a set of carpet seat covers for the rear seats
by JohnL

Just got me a set of carpet seat covers for the rear seats - these came in a few days and they're doing a great job protectin' my seats. Lightweight, well made and very easy to put on and take off (if necessary).

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This is my third purchase
by Mrs Ro

This is my third purchase from these folks, and I must say, the quality has been excellent each time. I highly recommend them!

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