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About company

For over 75 years, Palladium has etched its name in history as the reliable choice for adventurers of all kinds. This iconic brand stands by those who wish to challenge the status quo – be it athletes pushing the limits, artists thinking beyond boundaries, or courageous individuals striving for justice and a better world. From the underground raves to scientific frontiers, from battlefields to artist studios, Palladium has been at the center of action. They've been the choice of daring souls who sought to reshape the world. With a legacy spanning seven decades, Palladium's French heritage has been synonymous with crafting enduring, style-conscious, utility-driven footwear, earning its stripes as the uniform of choice for the people.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1920.

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The service was fast, simple
by Jack

The service was fast, simple, and gave exactly what was promised. Plus, the boots were even nicer than expected.

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Shipping and everyting was
by Anonymous

Shipping and everyting was good but da pictures don't quite catch sum of da materials used in da products... mostly da fake metal tags, luckily they're super easy to cut off but dey were super ugly.

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The time it takes for shipping is good.
by Jonathan

The time it takes for shipping is good. The product size and quality are awesome like always. But these boots aren't good for rough use like hiking or lots of walking. They're more suited for water activities like boating. On the bright side, they work perfectly for kayaking, which is great for me.

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Cannot replace pull laces--boots no longer usable?
by Travis

I got a pair of PAMPA TRAVEL LITE+ WATERPROOF in 2022. They're my go-to for work on set for video production. Mostly, I've been happy with them. But, one of the pull laces ripped recently. It looks like there's no way to replace them. So, if the laces snap, your $150 boots become unusable. Not too pleased about that.

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Absolutely love Palladium Boots.
by Abby E

Absolutely love Palladium Boots. I've got 3 pairs - one with smiley faces, one black, and one white leather. They're so comfy, I wear them all the time. People always say how nice they are, and they go with everything. Definitely worth getting!

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I got my third pair of palladium boots
by Kalani

I got my third pair of palladium boots, this time the slip-on ankle style, and they're consistently good! They look great and feel comfy, just like my previous pairs. The shipping was quick, which is a nice touch. I was thinking about Blundstones and Dr. Marten Chelsea boots, but their construction didn't impress me as much, so I went with the Pallatrooper. Happy with my choice!

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I cannot express enough
by Andres R

I cannot express enough how much I adore the shoes from this company! The quality is truly exceptional and I can confidently say that I will be a repeat customer, purchasing more in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!

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I must say that the boot from this company
by Jay B

I must say that the boot from this company is truly amazing. I purchased it specifically for farming use, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. The comfort level of these boots is unbeatable, and I have no hesitation in saying that I would buy them again and again. This company truly knows how to craft high-quality and comfortable footwear that is perfect for hardworking individuals like myself. I am beyond satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this company to others.

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