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About company

Nutrisense is on a mission to empower its members in unlocking their full health potential through data-driven insights and accountability. Using the Nutrisense app, individuals can seamlessly monitor their daily activities, gaining valuable insights into how food, sleep, exercise, and stress affect their glucose levels. The real-time data from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) provides a comprehensive view of blood glucose trends. Nutrisense goes a step further by providing personalized, data-backed guidance from a dedicated dietitian, facilitating the development of sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits. Acknowledging the unique and individual nature of each health journey, Nutrisense caters to the diverse needs of its members, offering a tailored approach to well-being.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in United States.
  • Founders: Nutrisense was founded by Alex Skryl, Kara Collier and Dan Zavortony.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2019.

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I’m a bit upset
by Anonymous

I'm kinda mad I had to wait 2 weeks for a monitor 'cause it fell off doing yoga. And when I got new ones, they didn't come with the sticky circle or wipes.

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Nutrisence ain't worth the dough, get yerself
by Anonymous

Nutrisence ain't worth the dough, get yerself the FreeStyle Libre 3, way better stuff. Nutrisnse, they'll just send ya the old FreeStyle Libre 2 anyhow. And tryin' to cancel yer plan? What a hassle! Waste of cash and energy. They just keep takin' yer money 'less ya take off yer card.

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This product didn't really contribute much

This product didn't really contribute much to my health and fitness journey. The service seems expensive considering all you get is a blood glucose reading, without any personalized advice for improvement unless you're willing to shell out an extra $100 or more. I'd suggest investing in a personal trainer instead of buying this product. The service and information you receive don't justify the cost.

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I am truly grateful for the
by Jennifer

I am truly grateful for the invaluable knowledge and guidance I received from Christina. Through my one-on-one nutritional coaching with her, I learned not only about the impact of glucose on my diet, but also on my menstrual cycle. This has opened my eyes to the importance of paying close attention to any changes within my body. Christina's expertise and support have allowed me to better understand how to adjust my diet in order to regulate my hormonal and glucose levels. Thank you for helping me to achieve better health and well-being.

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The company provides
by Mark Ro

The company provides real-time information that allows customers to see the immediate cause and effect of their changes and choices. With this, there is no need to wait for weeks with crossed fingers to see if their efforts are making a difference. In just two months, I have learned more about my metabolism than I have in 55 years. By tracking my glucose levels and engaging in 40-minute workouts 3-4 times a week for four months, I have successfully lost 28lbs, lowered my A1C levels, and my doctor has even allowed me to discontinue my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. This company is definitely worth every cent.

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