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Lending Stream, a seasoned short-term loan provider since 2008, offers flexible loans ranging from £50 to £800, repayable in monthly installments over six months. Their commitment to customer convenience is evident in 24/7 application acceptance, even on bank holidays. Lending Stream promotes early repayments for interest savings and provides online account management tools for payment facilitation and balance checks. The company employs affordability analyses on all applications, ensuring responsible lending practices. With a fixed annual interest rate of 292.0%, Lending Stream transparently discloses costs and encourages borrowers to seek assistance for potential financial challenges.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Leicester, United Kingdom.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2008.

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The money came into
by Kyle

The money came into my account really quick, lending stream is great, I'll surely use it again after I've paid my loan.

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I requested a loan two months ago.
by Anonymous

I requested a loan two months ago. The process was quick, but the fee was unfair. They sent the money right away. I repaid it twice as I could. But now they always reject my loan requests, even though nothing changed in my bank account. It seems they just want to make a huge profit, charging 1333%. If you try to pay back early, they refuse you. They seem like thieves.

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The company provided good
by Anonymous

The company provided good customer service and quality service without any hassle. I appreciate everything they've done. God bless them all.

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Quite straightforward, except
by Dawn

Quite straightforward, except for the bank sharing aspect, which requires 2 or 3 attempts to configure. Otherwise, it's quite straightforward and pretty quick. Thanks.

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Thank you, Lending Stream
by tan

Lending Stream has been a lifesaver during my recent medical emergency, especially just before Christmas. Their quick assistance and transparent fee structure, with the option to pay off early, make them a reliable choice. I've had previous loans with them, and the fair terms and upfront disclosure of charges contribute to a positive experience. Grateful for their timely support during challenging times. Thank you, Lending Stream!

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I've had an excellent experience with this company, having used their services five times without any issues
by CU

I've had an excellent experience with this company, having used their services five times without any issues. Despite not having a high credit score, they quickly approved my application, and the funds were deposited into my bank account within minutes. The efficiency and responsiveness, even with less-than-perfect credit, make this a reliable choice for quick financial assistance. I appreciate the seamless process and timely disbursement of funds, making it my go-to option during financial needs.

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