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LemonCasino has a 2.9 - star rating from 9 reviews, indicating a low level of customer satisfaction!

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About company

Lemon Casino Online offers a distinctive atmosphere and refreshing gameplay for those seeking relaxation. Carefully curated for gamers, the casino features high-quality video slots, ranging from classic favorites to modern titles like Hot Hot Fruit and Wealth Inn. New casino games are regularly added to enhance the gaming experience. Registrants enjoy a free registration bonus, daily jackpot games, and the chance to compete in weekly tournaments for extra bonuses and Free Spins. Loyal players benefit from the Charge Back program, receiving weekly bonuses directly to their accounts. Lemon Casino promises a unique and invigorating gaming experience for all players.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, England.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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Man, let me tell you about my ride with
by Kim

Man, let me tell you about my ride with Lemon Casino – a rollercoaster I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I'm talking deposits, wins, and dreams of cashing out 60 euros richer. But oh boy, the drama kicked in when I tried to get my winnings. Docs sent, and then silence. It felt like a never-ending loop, repeating the same docs, dealing with unexplained delays, and it's not a party, trust me. To add insult to injury, their customer service team? Not a helpful bunch. They seemed more amused by my struggles than eager to assist. In a desperate move, I hit the reverse withdrawal button, and poof, my winnings vanished in three spins – just like that. Enough was enough. I slammed the brakes, requested an account shutdown pronto, and I'm shouting from the rooftops: stay away from this Lemon Casino and its shady crew. It's like they're pros at taking your money and running. Save yourself the trouble, seriously.

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I did all the KYC stuff,
by dick dwight

I did all the KYC stuff, sent in all my docs, and then decided to cash out 9305₹ on 26/11/2023. Boom! The next day, they slap the "Completed" tag on it, but guess what? No money in my pocket. Fast forward 9 days, and I'm still waiting. Shot them an email with my bank statement attached, but they're giving me the silent treatment. Not cool. Thinking about dropping a complaint bomb on Lemon Casino. Total scam alert – my advice? Steer clear, don't be depositing here.

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This online casino is a true
by Patryk

This online casino is a true standout in the industry. Boasting an impressive array of games, my account verification, requiring two documents, was completed within 24 hours. Remarkably, my first withdrawal request was processed swiftly, with the funds reaching my bank account in just 10 hours! Exceptional speed for a non-Pay'n'Play casino!

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Disappointed with the prolonged delay in receiving my money
by Dhapu devi

Applied for withdrawal on July 6, 2023, and while the casino site indicates 'completed,' funds are yet to reach my bank account. Despite numerous emails, the response is to 'be patient.' Disappointed with the prolonged delay in receiving my money, and the lack of a concrete resolution is frustrating.

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The casino attracts players
by Anonymous

The casino attracts players with a generous bonus offer and the number of available games, which are no different from those offered by the largest companies on the market. Also noteworthy is an interesting loyalty program in which players can gain new levels and open chests with prizes.

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Absolutely dreadful casino
by Dhapu devi

Absolutely dreadful casino – steer clear! A pal hit a jackpot, only to have their account unjustly frozen for some absurd excuse. This place reeks of foul play and lacks any semblance of fairness. Save yourself the hassle and find a more reputable gaming haven.

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Lemon Casino allows you to simply
by JoannaG

Lemon Casino allows you to simply choose a special gift, bonuses and gifts that can be obtained with real money, as well as those serious problems with payout and payout, as well as receiving the winnings in the end. Make this pleasant and useful support.

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One of the PREMIUM casinos
by Agnieszka

One of the PREMIUM casinos, fast deposits and withdrawals, many available payment methods and amazing bonuses, plus one deposit is enough. And I got the wheel spinning for the next 30 days. So another chance to win a prize :) I recommend it

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Well, my experience with Lemon
by Bekir

Well, my experience with Lemon casino wasn't good. I tried to deposit CAD$100, but they took $100 from my account four times straight and didn't transfer anything to my gaming account.

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