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About company

Springbok Casino, with its vibrant green theme, offers a diverse range of slots and games to players globally, with a primary focus on South African players. Operated by Realtime Gaming (RTG), the casino boasts a comprehensive selection of games, including lucrative progressive jackpots. Accessibility is extended to smartphones and tablets, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on various devices. As a licensed online casino, Springbok Casino adheres to the regulations set by the government of Curacao, assuring players of a secure and regulated gaming environment.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Founders: SpringBok was founded by Daniel van Wyk.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2012.

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I don't want to deal with you, neither
by Anonymous

I don't want to deal with you, neither personally nor in business. You guys took my money and didn't do anything, that's why you hung up. You can't be a manager anywhere if you don't put customers first. Mckenzie messed up and didn't give me all the info, and you knew it because you said so on the call. Send me all my calls, chats, and emails since last Friday. I'll handle things myself since you weren't brave enough to talk to me, preferring emails. You said I should read my terms and conditions, but you couldn't handle me saying things afterward. Your agents should tell customers about multiple coupons. The R850 doesn't justify the small free spins you gave me. And about the verification process, you didn't have answers either. I hope your boss sees how incompetent you and your team are. So send me all the info I asked for since last Friday and enjoy the money you take from clients, because I'll make you famous.

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Navigating the "payout/account
by Marypoppers

Navigating the "payout/account verification" process with this company has been a frustrating experience. The requirements for documentation seem to shift constantly, making each withdrawal a tedious ordeal. Despite providing a certified copy of my ID and a photo holding it, they requested a different format three days later. The inconsistency between requested formats, coupled with the prolonged waiting period of 3-5 business days, adds unnecessary hassle. Additionally, the bombardment of vouchers during this time, which invalidate payouts if used, further complicates the overall experience.

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After enjoying Springbok for
by Puddingfa

After enjoying Springbok for a couple of years, I recently initiated a withdrawal. A slight hiccup arose when I submitted a cropped ID photo, prompting a request for an uncropped version, causing a brief delay. However, once resolved, the funds swiftly landed in my account. Despite a waiting period on chat support, their friendly and helpful agents made the process smoother. The only drawback was the inability to redeem vouchers or make deposits during the withdrawal wait. Overall, I'm content with Springbok's service and have recommended it to friends.

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Unbelievable experience with Bonus Wheel Jungle
by Alfie Simmons

Unbelievable experience with Bonus Wheel Jungle! Despite the time and effort invested, I not only recouped my initial investment but also made a significant profit. The payout process was incredibly smooth, with my winnings returned within just a few days. No hiccups, no delays—just pure satisfaction. This fantastic outcome has left me with a big smile on my face, and I couldn't be happier with the overall gaming experience at Bonus Wheel Jungle!

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This casino is a deceptive trap
by Elethu

This casino is a deceptive trap. When attempting to withdraw winnings, they manipulate the process, voiding your hard-earned money and only returning your initial deposit. It's a time-consuming and frustrating ordeal, leaving players with a sense of betrayal. The urge to see this casino eradicated is valid, given its exploitative practices. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this establishment; it's not worth the disappointment and deceit.

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The marketing strategy of this company
by Kraves

The marketing strategy of this company is truly outstanding, evident in its seamless appeal to both new and loyal customers. As a depositor, the enticing array of free coupon codes ensures a compelling reason to return. The in-house coupons specifically tailored for regular depositors create a rewarding cycle— the more you engage, the more coupons you receive, fostering a continuous and enjoyable gaming experience.

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South Africans are great at running
by Dejan

South Africans are great at running online casinos. They offer many bonuses and promos, with an extra % on deposits via crypto wallets. The live chat support replies very quickly. The only downside is having just one provider (RealTimeGaming, even though it's the best provider currently in the world).

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