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About company

The Setter Certification Program™, spearheaded by Richard Yu, stands as a leading training initiative for aspiring Remote Setters in the online consulting and coaching field. Offering a comprehensive curriculum, each participant receives over 15 hours of sales training, multiple coaching calls weekly, and personalized guidance from a dedicated 1v1 Success coach. The program ensures individuals acquire the essential skills to excel in their roles. Upon successful completion, the graduate receives support in securing a Remote Setter job position, further solidifying the program's commitment to empowering individuals for success in the dynamic online consulting landscape.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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Great experiences.
by Brandy

Great experiences. Sebastian guided me through each step. The course was simple to follow, and they provided me with all the tools and support to earn my certification. I believe this will be a successful long-term endeavor. I appreciate all their assistance!

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This company offers a good course.
by Laurent

This company offers a good course. It explains things well, and they make sure to update it regularly. Like in life, you need to work hard to succeed. Alex, my coach, was really good. He's always willing to help, which is great.

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I've been liking this course I'm
by Dave

I've been liking this course I'm taking. It's been helpful in learning about appointment setting. I finished the certification recently, and I'm eager to start using what I've learned. Can't say for sure how it'll go, but I'm hopeful I can make a good side income, maybe even more.

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Richards' approach seems promising.
by Maurice

Richards' approach seems promising. The online gig landscape has evolved, presenting itself as an alternative income avenue. However, it's no longer as straightforward as when Richard initially ventured into it; the increased competition is noticeable. After completing certification in early 2024 and engaging with Insta for a month, I have a couple of recommendations. The course primarily focuses on lead generation and achieving desired outcomes. I wish it delved deeper into conversation psychology, particularly in building rapport and navigating DM conversations. The actual work is more challenging than portrayed in the content. Richard simplifies the process, emphasizing sending a few messages on your phone for a couple of hours. While this may have worked in the past, the current reality is more complex. The course should provide a better understanding of the intricate aspects of online work and relationship development. A brief overview of popular CRMs would be beneficial. Additional short courses on CRMs could empower participants to kickstart their endeavors independently. Currently, I don't regret taking on this venture, although I haven't completed the entire course and haven't earned any money yet. Despite working diligently, my first payday is anticipated soon.

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Fortunate to have come across the
by Chona

Fortunate to have come across the AI Scripting-Setter Certification Program led by Richard Yu. I regret not discovering this program a couple of years earlier. The program modules are intricately detailed, providing all the necessary components for success as a setter. What drew me to enroll in this program is Richard's unwavering faith in God and his dedication to improving the financial lives of others. The alignment of values resonated with me. I must acknowledge my coach, Sebastian, for his exceptional support and guidance throughout my training. He truly stands out as a coach who goes above and beyond. I look forward to obtaining certification in this program and contributing to the betterment of others' lives.

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My experience with this company has
by Anonymous

My experience with this company has been notably positive in comparison to other mentorship programs I've participated in. The assistance provided throughout the process is consistent and beneficial. My mentor, in particular, has played a crucial role in supporting me through the certification program, offering guidance on overcoming mental obstacles, and promptly addressing my queries within a 24-hour timeframe. While my progress may be proceeding at a more deliberate pace, the encouragement from Sebastian regarding my consistency has been uplifting. The program not only aims for your success but also strives to contribute to your personal growth. The courses are thoughtfully designed, ensuring that they maintain engagement without unnecessary elements, encompassing all essential content.

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The excellent guidance of Coach Alex
by Magan Shah

My overall experience has been positive, largely due to the excellent guidance of Coach Alex. Excited about the next steps in this journey, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the program and continue with it. Alex's understanding of individual circumstances and his supportive coaching style create a comfortable environment. He encourages open dialogue about any concerns, making the journey enjoyable and enriching. Grateful for the positive impact and looking forward to continued progress with Coach Alex.

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I found the program to be straightforward and easy to follow
by Bailey

I found the program to be straightforward and easy to follow. After a coaching change to Alex earlier this year, his support and responsiveness to my questions were commendable. The community is active, enhancing the overall experience. Highly satisfied with the program and the support provided by the coach.

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