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About company

In response to evolving cyber threats in the cloud era, Guardio offers solutions to address new security risks and enhance online safety. Specializing in the browser ecosystem, their flagship product is designed to secure this critical component of users' online lives. Browsers now function as de-facto operating systems, storing sensitive information like messages, banking details, crypto, and e-commerce data. Guardio's dedicated product focuses on creating a highly secure environment within this realm, providing users with the necessary tools to combat emerging threats and ensure a safer online experience. Guardio stands as a proactive safeguard in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Founders: was founded by Michael and Daniel Amos.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2018.

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Gardio has become my go-to protection against online threats
by customer

Gardio has become my go-to protection against online threats. While navigating familiar sites, it successfully intercepted a potential virus, preventing me from accessing the compromised site. Its vigilance adds a crucial layer of security to my online experiences. Highly recommended for reliable protection.

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The cost doesn't align with the provided
by Valerie Stobaugh

The cost doesn't align with the provided services, and canceling is unnecessarily complicated. Multiple interactions with support were needed, and an additional 14.99 charge occurred before cancellation was permitted. Trustworthiness is a concern with this company.

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I kinda like dat I can choose
by Doreen

I kinda like dat I can choose when a warnin' pops up if I wanna keep goin'. There's dis site I go to a lot, it's fer a tiny local company I know well. Most of da time, I just say yeah to da warnin' and move on.

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I'm impressed with the consistent
by Michael

I'm impressed with the consistent monitoring; the alerts are quite effective! It's surprising how seamlessly it operates, particularly in identifying potentially hazardous websites when I least anticipate it.

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Limited information without extra cost
by dc

While the service provides the "what," identifying the "who" and the "why" comes with an additional cost. More comprehensive details require an extra investment, limiting the value of the basic service.

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Кожного разу, коли мене хакають
by Anonymous

Кожного разу, коли мене хакають, вони так швидко реагують, щоб повідомити мені, шо сталося, від кого, і що робити, щоб допомогти собі. Я дуже задоволений Guardio.

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I reckon the company is doing
by Anonymous

I reckon the company is doing alright, but I haven't caught onto everything they do. That's why I'm handing them four stars.

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Guardio has been great.
by Jean S

Guardio has been great. They've warned me away from opening harmful FB posts and emails. I feel protected and in good hands.

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