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About company

GlowRight is a provider of the world's most convenient and practical lighting solutions, catering to millions of households worldwide. They are dedicated to delivering the perfect balance of brightness to enhance daily life. With their innovative products, they aim to make quality lighting accessible and enjoyable for everyone. GlowRight's commitment to convenience and performance ensures that customers can illuminate any space effortlessly. Their mission is to brighten up people's lives with their efficient lighting solutions.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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I jus' got them lights up a few
by Sara

I jus' got them lights up a few days back, but the sticky stuff they used didn't hold, one fell off. I liked 'em before this happened though! Followed the instructions waitin' two hours before stickin' 'em on. Guess I gotta find a new sticker now.

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At first, I struggled with connecting them
by Anonymous

At first, I struggled with connecting them, but I managed in the end. The light lasts long, but I only charged it once. Even though I prepped the wall, one mount fell off. I fixed it, and it's fine for now. I might buy another light later, depending on how things go with the mounts and battery.

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two spam emails in under 24
by Peter G

two spam emails in under 24 hours is undoubtedly frustrating. It raises concerns about the nature of the sender, suggesting they might be a data collection outfit potentially selling email addresses to fraudsters. This situation underscores the importance of maintaining vigilance and taking necessary precautions to safeguard personal information online.

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I absolutely love these lights
by Jonathan Bromberg

I absolutely love these lights! They serve as an amazing night light in the hall for my kids when they need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Additionally, they work wonders in my walk-in robe, allowing me to see my clothes as soon as I walk in without needing a light switch. Although one of the lights had a faulty battery, I contacted the company to report the issue. Their response was incredible – they promptly sent out a new one. The outstanding service complemented the excellence of their product. I appreciate that these lights are rechargeable and have a long-lasting battery life.

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I purchased a strip light to enhance the lighting under my kitchen cabinets
by Gillian Bowen

I purchased a strip light to enhance the lighting under my kitchen cabinets. The product's delivery was prompt, which was a positive start to the experience. However, upon opening the package, I was somewhat surprised to find that the strip light was smaller than I had initially imagined. In terms of performance, the light it emits is satisfyingly bright. Nevertheless, I was disappointed to find that the battery life was rather limited during its maiden use. One aspect that proved somewhat frustrating was the installation. Once affixed to the wall, it cannot be easily removed. Moreover, there's a decorative circle on the front of the light, which my husband mistakenly thought was the on/off switch. When he attempted to adjust it, the light came off its magnets, leading to a minor mishap. Despite these quirks, I must admit that it serves its purpose and is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an electrician for installing a traditional electric strip light.

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