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About company

GG.BET stands as a leading esports betting company, distinguished by its extensive market selection, competitive odds, and a plethora of alternative markets for esports enthusiasts. Boasting a team of seasoned esports traders, GG.BET provides a user-friendly online platform with over 20 esports disciplines, including Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, and more. Pioneering in innovation, the platform was among the first to accept bets on games like Apex Legends, Brawl Stars, and LoL Wild Rift. GG.BET caters not only to esports but also offers betting options on traditional sports, consistently expanding its market offerings to include a diverse range of sports events globally.

Key Details:                                                                  

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Founders: was founded by Dmitry Voshkarin.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2016.

The world of online gambling is diverse and extraordinary. It is not limited to traditional casino games and sports bets. Instead, there is a plethora of other solutions that make the solutions appreciated. Cybersports and cybersports betting are undertakings that are becoming increasingly popular. Browsing the web, players can come across a multitude of up-to-date services providing them with unique betting options and comprehensive wagering on their favorite esports. Check out the detailed GG.Bet review to relish an opportunity to enjoy a flawless experience and win considerable payouts. 

Due to the continuously growing popularity of online gambling, operators make maximum effort to provide players with unique solutions and extraordinary betting options. GG.Bet casino is one of the sports betting platforms that provides punters with extraordinary solutions that keep them excited. The platform was founded in 2016 and has gained a reputation as a frontrunner in esports betting. GG.Bet cashback, promotions, and bonuses are nothing if compared to the safety of the betting experience and the variety of gambling options. 

Is GG.Bet real? Keep reading an unbiased and comprehensive review to get indispensable details and peculiarities of the service and make reasonable conclusions about its reliability. 

Background Information on GG.BET 

Is GG.Bet a scam? Is the service worth a try? Although the company was founded in 2016, which means it has less than 10 years of experience on the market, it has proven to be a reliable frontrunner in esports betting. According to the GG.Bet reviews the service, which features flawless quality, a comprehensive collection of games, and unique bonuses that make it stand out. 

The online betting platform is owned and operated by Brivio Limited and is licensed by the Government of Curacao. Impressive website interface, a multitude of available esports betting options, and reasonable odds keep the service competitive. 

Features and Services Offered by GG.BET 

Is GG.Bet reliable? A wide variety of different betting options, including esports bets, tournaments, traditional sports bets, casino games, and slots, contributes to the growing popularity of the service. The user interface is intuitive, while the design is original, contributing to the overall gambling experience. 

Striving to guarantee maximum flexibility of esports betting for enthusiastic punters, the company offers a website that is compatible with various devices. Although there is no GG Bet app, there is still a chance to gamble on the go conveniently, safely, and easily. 

No matter if you choose desktop betting or mobile version of the platform, you are likely to get unique welcome bonuses, risk-fee bets, bet boosts, reload bonuses, referral programs, and a multitude of other solutions that will make your gambling more profitable and interesting. Make sure you go through the registration process and have a chance to make the first deposit. Follow the tips offered on the website to fill in the personal and payment information and confirm the registration. 

Reputation and Trustworthiness 

Is GG.Bet legit? The platform is licensed by the Government of Curacao and functions in compliance with corresponding regulations. The high online rating of the esports betting service is also proven by the comments of loyal punters. Analyzing the GG.Bet reviews and complaints, players will find valuable information about the safety of the experience and convenience of payout withdrawals, which add to the impeccable reputation of the platform. 

Payment Options and Withdrawal Process 

Is GG.Bet safe? The availability of different payment options and transparency of depositing and withdrawal processes prove the dependability of the esports gambling service. Although the accepted payment methods may vary a bit depending on the country, in the vast majority of instances, they include credit and debit cards, EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, and local methods. 

Responsible Gambling and Support 

Responsible gambling is one of the core values of the platform. Even if the customer strives to take advantage of GG.Bet promo code or other bonuses they need to go through the registration process, confirming important information. Additionally, it is critical to meet certain requirements to qualify for esports betting.

Have you had any problems during the online registration? Are you concerned about the safety of the experience? Feel free to contact the representatives of the customer support team, who are always there for you. Live chat, email, phone support, social media, and FAQ database are the communication channels worth a try. 

Comparison with Competitors 

Surfing the web, you will notice a plethora of effective and top-quality esports betting platforms that provide their users with unique solutions, excellent features, and extraordinary deals. 20Bet, MyBookie, Betway, Bet365, and Roobet are just a few examples of the companies players can rely on. Does it mean there is no place for GG.Bet on the market? 

Competition is important, as it is a great way to contribute to the quality of the provided services and the availability of unique solutions. Irrespective of the huge number of competitors, GG.Bet manages to stand out from the crowd. The contemporary brand has earned a reputation as an elite betting site due to the product variety, depth of the offered solutions, and dedication to punters. GG.Bet is still an esports authority, but it has already grown into something more than a trivial gambling platform. 

Legal and Regulatory Considerations 

The esports betting platforms are comparatively new in the gambling market, but their popularity is rapidly growing. Surfing the web, players will come across a multitude of beneficial and profitable options that will guarantee the safety of the experience. 

GG.Bet is the platform that functions in compliance with the regulations. The esports bets are completely legal in the countries where GG.Bet is available. At the same time, it is indispensable to mention that the company supports responsible gaming, so there are certain restrictions for punters under 18 years old. Some other requirements may vary depending on the country you place bets, but the gambling process will always be dependable, safe, and flawless. 


GG.Bet is a top-notch online gambling platform dedicated to competitive gaming and esports. Although the service provides players with a multitude of traditional gambling options, the extensive collection of virtual sports to deal with outshines other solutions. The service is 100% licensed and legal in a whole range of countries, so it can be safely used for profitable online gambling and sports betting. 

Reasonable odds, impressive promotions, and extensive betting coverage are some of the basic features that make GG.Bet stands out from the crowd. Besides, there are lots of unique bonuses and discounts for new gamblers and loyal punters. Helpful and reliable customer support, flawless security protocols, and data encryption systems guarantee the safety of the gambling experience. The usability of the website, slick design, and intuitive navigation are the factors that add to its reputation. 

Customer reviews

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This casino is real good
by rafal

This casino is real good, website and app easy, many games, fast payments, quick help if you had problem.

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fun games
by ramya

The company is pretty cool with fun games. It's simple and easy for all bets. I'll surely go back. WEbsite nice too.

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While there are moments when my
by Michal

While there are moments when my funds are held for a couple of extra days, they consistently arrive. The odds offered are consistently favorable, and the website is user-friendly. Though there have been occasional setbacks, the website consistently offers the best odds for all e-sports games. I've encountered minimal issues, with just one exception. However, after completing all Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and submitting necessary documents, everything has proceeded smoothly. Despite occasional delays in withdrawals, they are always fulfilled. The support team has been consistently helpful, particularly in assisting with bonuses. Overall, I'd rate GGbet a solid 4.

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Initial impression - decent.
by AL

Initial impression - decent. But the withdrawal process turned out to be a real headache! Let me explain. I get that companies need to verify users, but they asked for screenshots of Apple Pay. Now, anyone with an iPhone knows that the "Apple Pay" details are at the bottom of the wallet app, so you have to scroll down to see them. This means you need to take two screenshots. But, they flat out refused to accept them. I even tried a screen recording, but no dice. Now I'm stuck in limbo, waiting to see if they'll actually pay me what they owe. Their live chat support was unhelpful, just giving me generic responses and refusing to discuss verification. If you want a hassle-free experience, I'd suggest going with a company like Virgin instead.

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This website is downright devious
by Lv gen

This website is downright devious. I decided to take advantage of the bonus, receiving 8 euros to wager a total of 500 euros. In the end, I managed to win 1500 euros, but to my dismay, they only handed me 24 euros due to some mysterious, undisclosed term. Despite my efforts to dig into the terms and conditions, I found nothing. The entire system seems excessively rigged, making for an extremely regrettable experience.

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This company operates as the
by Anita

This company operates as the epitome of a fraudulent scheme. My conviction remains unwavering. Deceptive practices and manipulation are rampant, hindering withdrawal processes. Resorting to reporting them to e coban sec urities became a necessary step for accessing my funds.

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This company appears to be a complete scam
by Calanon

This company appears to be a complete scam, engaging in deceptive practices by extracting money and subsequently restricting account access. A woeful experience that merits caution and avoidance. Cursed with unscrupulous dealings.

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The website offers a straightforward
by Salocin

The website offers a straightforward layout, swiftly delivering results for both e-sports and real sports. Yet, during my first visit, it lacked clarity about its purpose, and the surprise casino section caught me off guard. Enhancements like adjustable text size and introductory information for newcomers could improve user experience, potentially attracting more visitors.

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This company's disregard for their own
by Lester

This company's disregard for their own rules is disheartening. Despite clear evidence of a forfeited match, their support insists on honoring inaccurate results. My Dota 2 bet for team1 was wrongly settled as lost when, according to their own Rule 5, it should have been voided due to the map not starting. The frustration mounts as this pattern repeats with other unplayed team matches. This inconsistency raises serious doubts about the company's integrity and adherence to its own policies.

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The customer support is disappointingly
by Alfredo

The customer support is disappointingly sluggish, taking weeks to respond. Withdrawals are practically non-existent, and the company seems to invent rules to avoid releasing funds. It's strongly advised to steer clear of this site due to these concerning issues.

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Unbelievable! I signed up with
by Maria T

Unbelievable! I signed up with ggbet two hours ago, encountered a sudden connection loss after depositing money, and now they claim they can't locate me in their system. Despite having a registered email and phone number, they seem clueless. It's disheartening; my money may be lost, and I fear falling victim to another fraud. A disappointing experience, to say the least.

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My experience with this company
by alex west

My experience with this company has been frustrating. Despite a promised resolution time of 5 business days, there's been no progress. Customer care lacks transparency, claiming no timeline for resolution. Quick deposits are allowed, but withdrawals are problematic, leading to false promises. Considering alternatives like 1Xbet and 4rabet seems prudent.

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After grappling with a frustrating
by guru reddy

After grappling with a frustrating 3-day ordeal attempting to withdraw from my account, the support team claims their department is investigating. Is this a legitimate betting company, or an elaborate scam? The lack of timely resolution raises serious doubts about the company's credibility and customer service efficiency.

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Ugh, the verification process
by Rangsimarn

Ugh, the verification process is a real headache. Withdrawals? Turtle-speed, and to top it off, they once canceled a successful withdrawal! Seriously? There are way better sites out there

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headache! I threw in a withdrawal
by Francisco

headache! I threw in a withdrawal request on November 20th, and it's been a wild nine days with nada showing up in my bank account. Customer service threw around the idea of canceling and changing withdrawal methods, but that didn't speed things up. They're blaming it on some technical hiccups on the payment system's end. Just a heads up for the squad – be careful with this site. I'll be dropping daily updates here on whether this cash finally rolls in or not.

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The website's layout is user-friendly
by Tiago Machado

The website's layout is user-friendly, and the quick and easy sign-up process made getting started a breeze. The betting section provides all the necessary tools and information for placing bets effectively. I highly recommend as a reliable and user-centric betting platform. The overall browsing experience and the comprehensive features for bettors make it a top choice in the world of online betting.

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GGBet is a complete scam
by Junzz Dang

Despite repeated attempts to withdraw my funds over the past month and a half, every request has been unexplainably canceled three times. Contacting their customer support only resulted in receiving the same vague and unhelpful responses. It's clear to me now that GGBet is a complete scam, and I strongly advise everyone to steer clear of this platform. The frustration and lack of resolution in retrieving my money have been beyond disappointing.

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