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About company is a family-owned business in the USA, offering high-quality, long-life food products at competitive prices. They prioritize preparedness, providing foods with shelf lives ranging from 2 to 30 years, ensuring food security during emergencies and crises. The platform's unique mixed selection packs cater to specific food storage needs, simplifying preparation for unexpected situations.

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Like many others
by Anonymous

Like many others, I placed an order on Foodbunker and faced the same issue of not receiving any response to my follow-up emails. Frustrated, I decided to check their website again and found a message from Sam Klein in the "Orders Update" section, where he apologized for the delay. He also offered to accept order cancellations if we send a request to the provided email address, which I promptly did. Now, I'm waiting for a response and will update if I hear back from them. I hope they address the situation promptly and improve their communication with customers.

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I'm giving four stars now
by Oloko

I'm giving four stars now! I finally received all my shipments, and it's clear they're putting in their best effort. Yes, it took some time, but I think people need to be patient and understanding. The products are worth the wait, and I appreciate their dedication to providing a good service. Keep it up, Foodbunker!

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I, too, am one
by Rogerio

I, too, am one of those unfortunate individuals who paid a significant amount of money and received nothing in return. I've tried reaching out through email with my queries, but there has been no response. Furthermore, the phone number provided is out of service. It's been a disappointing experience with this company.

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I ordered three sets but only
by Becky

I ordered three sets but only got one today. They sent the wrong color too. Emailed them warning of a bad review if they mess up again. Will update on their response.

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Steer clear of this company's website
by Milana

Steer clear of this company's website. Ordered, paid, but never got my stuff. No replies to my emails. Be cautious before buying!

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