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About company

Cultural Care Au Pair is the world's most extensive and seasoned au pair network, offering the expertise and support of over 30 years of experience. With an impressive track record of facilitating over 145,000 young individuals becoming au pairs in the USA, their forte is unmistakable – crafting enriching cultural exchange experiences. Whether you're an aspiring au pair or a host family, Cultural Care Au Pair is your trusted partner. Their mission is to instill confidence, ensure safety, and ignite excitement as you embark on your journey to the United States. Rest assured, you're in capable hands for your au pair adventure.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Founders: was founded by Dan Sodervall.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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We've encountered significant challenges
by Christy Dill

We've encountered significant challenges with Cultural Care Au Pair. Over the past 10 months, all the au pairs we received lacked essential baby or toddler experience, and it became evident that many had provided misleading information to join the program. Disturbing incidents, such as an au pair neglecting our toddler in the pool and another driving our children around with strangers met online, raised serious concerns about the safety of our kids. Cultural Care's screening and endorsement of these individuals have left us deeply dissatisfied and concerned about the welfare of our children.

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Our experience with Cultural Care, aside from our fantastic au pair, has been quite disappointing
by CU

Our experience with Cultural Care, aside from our fantastic au pair, has been quite disappointing. While the au pair we welcomed into our home has been a great addition to our family, Cultural Care itself has provided minimal support. Our assigned Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) has been particularly unhelpful. She is often unresponsive, has provided incorrect information, and generally lacks the necessary support required for our au pair experience to run smoothly and effectively.

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Our experience with Cultural Care
by Lauren Ruby

Our experience with Cultural Care Au Pair has been incredibly smooth. The profiles provided were extensive, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the candidates even before the interviews. The team at CC has been outstanding, offering support, regular check-ins, and valuable tips to navigate the matching process effectively. We are thrilled with our match and eagerly anticipate the arrival of our fantastic au pair!

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Our matching specialist, McKenzie
by Me'kelle B

Our matching specialist, McKenzie, demonstrated remarkable responsiveness and a keen understanding of our requirements. Guiding us through candidate selection, she offered invaluable advice that made the entire process meaningful. McKenzie's professionalism and prompt responses were greatly appreciated, contributing to our successful match.

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Everi person within the company has been
by Anonymous

Everi person within the company has been a delite to work with. From the initial contact to the local representatives, they have been amazing in assisting me through the process, answering all my queries, and prepping me at each stage.

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The company's monthly gatherings
by Michelle

The company's monthly gatherings for au pairs are good for making friends. Zoom meetings let us talk about how we're doing and events we like. My time with them has been like a roller coaster: fun and homesick.

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Very limited help and involvement
by Matt H

Very limited help and involvement in the process from Cultural Care. If we weren’t determined to get an au pair, we would not follow through with the process.

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