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About company

Bio Minerals NV is at the forefront of scientific research, focusing on bolstering the body's innate capacities to generate and safeguard three essential proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin. Their approach centers on harnessing the natural processes and nutrients within human physiology, avoiding the introduction of foreign substances. Bio Minerals NV champions the body's inherent ability to restore and revitalize itself. They utilize their patented compound, ch-OSA®, to activate and nourish these inherent regenerative processes, resulting in both improved well-being and enhanced physical appearance. With their innovative approach, Bio Minerals NV helps individuals feel and look their best by unlocking the body's full potential.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Gent, Belgium.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1994.

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This company has provided a very smooth experience.
by Ruth

This company has provided a very smooth experience. From signing up for my first subscription to delivering my product, I'm pretty happy. I really liked all the info about your products. It helped me make a smart decision. You've earned my trust and started it today.

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The product's vegan, which is very important to me
by Nancy

The product's vegan, which is very important to me. When I contacted customer service, the response was immediate and courteous, something you don't often find today. I love Biosil and believe it is truly helping my fine hair and keeping my skin in great condition.

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I been using their stuff for a whole
by Sarah

I been using their stuff for a whole month now and I really see how fast my hair is growing and how strong and long my nails are!!

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I had big hair loss after
by Amy

I had big hair loss after COVID. A nutritionist told me about this product. I tried it 6 months ago. I hoped it'd be faster, but now my hair loss is slower, new hair grows, and volume's up. I'd recommend it.

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After using the product for six
by Anonymous

After using the product for six months, I noticed a significant reduction in hair loss when combing after shampooing three times a week. Additionally, my nails have become longer and stronger, and the fine lines on my face are less noticeable.

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Negative drawback! I had to
by Angela

Negative drawback! I had to discontinue using it because it led to an intense bout of severe diarrhea.

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I have been using Biosil
by Sandra

I have been using Biosil for the past year, and it is an absolute staple! I have seen a tremendous difference in my nails; they grow so long and strong. I have also noticed a slight difference in my hair density, but I am unsure if this is a byproduct of the Biosil or if my other hair routines are the reason.

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One of my co-workers at
by Ekaterina

One of my co-workers at Whole Foods Market shared that she takes this supplement, as well as her senior parents. They love the results. I also love the results. My hair and skin needed this supplement. I have gotten great results. And I too shared this product with others.

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