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About company

AVADA Commerce stands as a prominent extension builder for Shopify, specializing in providing comprehensive e-commerce solutions for online businesses. With a dedicated focus, they offer a range of modules designed to enhance the functionality of Shopify stores. Clients benefit from not only the solutions themselves but also from the platform's commitment to excellent support services. The modules provided by AVADA Commerce are not only diverse but also officially recognized for their quality. This dedication to quality assurance ensures that businesses leveraging their services can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of the e-commerce solutions provided.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Middletown, Delaware, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Sam Thomas.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2014.

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Company's support was really good.
by Go Vegan!

Company's support was really good. They assist me to make my Shopify website load faster on Desktop and Mobile.

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Hana and William understood what
by Wubeshet

Hana and William understood what I needed and helped me set up the trust badges on my website. They made sure everything looked right. Now, I believe my customers will feel safer shopping on my site. I suggest Avada Trust Badges and their great support team to anyone who wants to build trust with their online customers. Thanks, Hana and William!

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Just got an email from Avada
by JL

Just got an email from Avada Joy, some company I never even heard of before. They claimed I had points to redeem with a company I had a beef with ages ago. Thing is, I had unsubscribed from that company and explicitly asked them to delete my info. Clearly, they didn't bother, and Avada Joy didn't bother to check if the info they got was even legit or if I wanted to hear from them. Not impressed at all. Blocked them straight away. Honestly, I'm steering clear of any company associated with them from now on. Sick of these middleman outfits messing things up. I prefer dealing directly with a company. All this talk of boosting sales is just fluff getting in the way of a decent customer experience.

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Impressive app! It's my go-to for
by Berfe

Impressive app! It's my go-to for all my websites, providing substantial assistance. Big shoutout to Pamela; when a recent system update left me stranded, she dedicated nearly an hour to resolve the issue. All sorted now. Much appreciation!

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In my journey with my online store
by riah

In my journey with my online store, AVADA has consistently delivered outstanding service. Tracy, in particular, has been incredibly helpful, surpassing my expectations. I appreciate the invaluable assistance she has provided. Thanks a lot to the AVADA team for their commendable support.

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Being a website owner, Air Product Reviews
by Azeem Anwar

Being a website owner, Air Product Reviews by Avada truly transformed how I showcase products. The user-friendly interface and flexible customization options seamlessly integrate, elevating the overall user experience. The reliable content plays a crucial role in guiding customers to make well-informed decisions.

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The app is amazing with
by Mary Knpka

The app is amazing with alot of free features that are very crucial. I had an amazing time with the app and their support team is very supportive

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I encountered an issue and was astounded by the exceptional support from Wendy and Liz
by Mary Knpka

I encountered an issue and was astounded by the exceptional support from Wendy and Liz. These two were like pure angels, demonstrating unmatched speed and kindness. Even after two hours, Wendy responded in less than a minute, showcasing a remarkable commitment to customer satisfaction. Their swift assistance not only resolved my problem but also left a lasting positive impression. Thanks a lot to Wendy and Liz for their outstanding support!

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