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About company

Yogaste, crafted by individuals sharing a passion for yoga, introduces a site designed specifically for yoga enthusiasts. The brand caters to the unique needs of customers by incorporating their legendary soft-style performance fabric into every product. Recognized for its award-winning designs, Yogaste ensures a blend of comfort and style in its offerings. The brand's commitment to quality extends to both fabric and aesthetics, reflecting the team's dedication to providing a premium yoga experience. With Yogaste, individuals can access a range of products that seamlessly combine functionality with the artistry of award-winning design.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Yogaste Co.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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I really like the tops I bought.
by Lori J

I really like the tops I bought. But, the leggings I got were too small. I asked how to return them, and Yogaste replied fast and was really helpful.

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I tried to send back three T-shirts
by Anonymous

I tried to send back three T-shirts I bought because they didn't fit. They have a rule saying you can return stuff within 30 days, and I thought since it said "made to order," it meant they were custom-made. But when I contacted customer service, they said I couldn't return them. Also, there were no tags on the shirts, and you need tags for returns. I went on the website to do the return, but it couldn't find my order. This was a really bad experience, and I recommend getting yoga clothes from somewhere else.

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Clothing sizes are incredibly disappointing
by Esther

Clothing sizes are incredibly disappointing; they fail to conform to any body shape properly, leaving customers with a frustrating experience. Adding to the dismay, the company has a stringent return policy, making it nearly impossible to rectify the sizing issues. Save your money and steer clear of this hassle!

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Disappointing shopping encounter.
by I. B. Unhappy

Disappointing shopping encounter. Purchased shirts as a gift, but sizing issues arose. Regrettably, no size exchanges permitted, leaving me stuck with ill-fitting items. The delivery process took an agonizing three weeks with no clear timeframe communicated.

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I adore the tops I bought, but the leggings were too small
by Lori Jennings

I adore the tops I bought, but the leggings were too small. When I reached out to Yogaste about the return process, their response was not only swift but also exceptional. Appreciate the efficient and helpful customer service!

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