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About company

Tredero has earned an excellent reputation for providing a broad array of tradable asset classes, offering exceptional trade execution on the acclaimed MT5 trading platform. With a diverse lineup, traders can invest in highly traded instruments, spanning Forex Currency Pairs, Global Indices, Blue-Chip Stocks, and various commodities such as Energies, Metals, and Agricultural products. The platform's commitment to diversity and outstanding trade execution highlights its appeal to traders seeking a comprehensive and seamless trading experience. Tredero's utilization of the award-winning MT5 platform reinforces its dedication to providing a reliable and efficient trading environment for investors across multiple asset classes.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Floreal, Mauritius.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2022.

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I find Tredero broker to be a
by Anonymous

I find Tredero broker to be a standard choice for trading. I've used several similar brokers, and this one catches my attention with its account types setup. The fact that it doesn't use Metatrader and other software is a plus. Additionally, Trading Central serves as a helpful resource for analysis ideas. It's always good to have a standout feature, making it a pleasant experience working here.

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Alright... the payment options are
by Gbeminiyi

Alright... the payment options are divided into global and local methods. They work well and are quick too. Tredero doesn't add extra charges to their payments. The broker is quite budget-friendly with really low spreads, trading fees, and a low minimum deposit. I also liked using the AI features, which made trading simpler for me. The tredero app provides many features that make trading easier for customers too.

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I was scammed on this platform
by Robin S.

Regrettably, I was scammed on this platform, prompting a slow response from local authorities. Turning to Terraexegete, a private recovery firm found on Google, proved pivotal. Their efficient investigation and collaboration with relevant authorities led to a swift recovery of the funds. This cautionary tale underscores the importance of avoiding this broker to prevent financial losses and mental stress. Terraexegete's effective intervention not only expedited the recovery process but also served as a crucial ally in mitigating the aftermath of the fraudulent transaction. A heartfelt recommendation for those seeking prompt and reliable recovery assistance.

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I acknowledge the broker's solid legal standing
by Muhammet

I acknowledge the broker's solid legal standing, with comprehensive information available on regulations and AML practices. Although there's room for improvement in asset variety, my priority is safety. The emphasis on regulatory compliance provides assurance, and while some aspects could be enhanced, the broker's commitment to legal standards is a positive aspect of the overall experience.

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