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About company

A freelance web designer specializes in creating affordable, user-friendly websites with a strong focus on optimizing Google rankings for business growth. These websites are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients while prioritizing simplicity and effectiveness. Simple Biz, on the other hand, is a dedicated business coaching and consulting firm, meticulously designed with the sole objective of empowering business owners. Over the years, they have been a driving force in assisting business owners in maximizing their income and achieving ultimate freedom within their businesses. Their customized strategies and expert guidance are aimed at transforming business operations and helping entrepreneurs thrive in today's competitive landscape. Simple Biz's approach stands as a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their online presence and overall business performance.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in North Melbourne, Australia.
  • Founders: Simple.biz was founded by David Ward.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2008.

Customer reviews

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This company proves its legitimacy.
by Zack F

This company proves its legitimacy. Having sought website developers extensively, simple.biz stands out for its unmatched combination of affordability, quick turnaround, and effective communication. Within two weeks, we had a visually impressive website, with a supportive backend team guiding adjustments. Patrick, my project manager, consistently responds promptly to revisions. As a non-profit startup, their commitment to establishing a lasting partnership and aiding long-term success is reassuring. Offering valuable services like monthly SEO updates and community engagement advice, I'm eager to recommend simple.biz and anticipate future collaborations for additional websites.

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John's expertise in transforming our website exceeded expectations
by HM

John's expertise in transforming our website exceeded expectations. He patiently answered all my queries, ensuring I felt confident about the changes. The website now boasts a polished and professional look, thanks to his skills. Moreover, the Simple.Biz team's friendly and accommodating nature shone through in every interaction. Their approach is not only professional but also welcoming, making it a pleasure to work with them. I'm excited about the potential this collaboration holds for our business's growth.

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Remarkable job by Simple! My website
by Joel Callaway

Remarkable job by Simple! My website underwent a transformation in just a couple of weeks, exceeding my initial vision. The professionalism displayed has motivated me to elevate my company's standards. The responsiveness of their customer service, addressing emails and edits promptly during the workday, adds immense value. Connecting with Simple.biz was a wise investment, and I'm pleased with the outcome.

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Being small business owners, we lack
by Jennifer

Being small business owners, we lack the capacity to handle our website tasks. Seeking to add information, we turned to our project manager, Scott. He promptly incorporated the details in a few hours, placing them strategically for customer visibility. Simple.biz delivers an effective website paired with consistently reliable customer service, making it an ideal choice for businesses like ours.

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The company revamped my two
by Don Andrews

The company revamped my two company websites with remarkable creativity, effectively narrating our story. Despite numerous offers, their unique approach stood out. SEO was my primary focus, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality video production included. The outcome? A surge in inquiries from potential clients. Overall, I'm content with their services.

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Incredibly unprofessional experience
by Ralph

Incredibly unprofessional experience overall. While the initial call was acceptable, the entire process revealed a lack of professionalism. It seems their focus is on quantity over quality, neglecting individual client needs. Ultimately, this ranks as one of the least professional businesses I've encountered.

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To date, I've found the service
by Ismael

To date, I've found the service commendable, with a visually appealing website and an efficient team. Lyn consistently responds promptly, swiftly addressing any issues or making necessary website modifications. Overall, I am satisfied with the service.

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Actually, I was impressed that
by Mary Rogers

Actually, I was impressed that the agent got back to me and covered all the things I was concerned with, and we are working to solve them. The agent was polite and eager to help. I like these guys.

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