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About company

SheCodes.com is an online platform that offers coding workshops and coding challenges designed to empower women in the tech industry. The company's mission is to bridge the gender gap in the tech world and provide opportunities for women to excel in coding and programming.

Key Information:

  • Location: The SheCodes company is working remotely.
  • Founders: SheCodes.io was founded by  Matt Delac.
  • Foundation Date: SheCodes was founded in 2018.

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As an accountant and a coding
by Mehria Rahmani

As an accountant and a coding novice, venturing into the world of coding with SheCodes has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. Right from the first lesson, I felt a sense of confidence in my ability to code, even without prior experience. The learning approach, complemented by hands-on challenges and weekly homework assignments, has provided me with a clear understanding of coding concepts. Beyond just technical skills, I've developed problem-solving abilities and a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities for growth. I'm thrilled about the upcoming stages of this journey and am eager to continue learning with SheCodes as I evolve into a budding web developer.

by Anonymous

SheCodes.io was an amazing experience! The self-paced learning allowed me to juggle my busy schedule effortlessly. The ability to review videos while tackling challenges was a big plus. Matt is an excellent instructor, and his teaching style resonated with me. The hands-on approach helped me grasp concepts effectively. Additionally, the supportive community and prompt assistance from the team made the journey enjoyable. SheCodes.io is a top-notch platform for learning coding in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a coding journey with a fantastic instructor like Matt!

SheCodes has been instrumental
by Esther R

SheCodes has been instrumental in helping me embark on a new career path. The short and easy-to-follow videos are well-paced for effective learning. Coming from an educational background myself, I appreciate how the homework and project assignments offer a solid framework for hands-on practice, allowing genuine skill improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend SheCodes to anyone looking to start their coding journey!

I had a blast with this course!
by Catarina R

I had a blast with this course! It's challenging in all the right ways. Before diving into SheCodes Basic, I was completely clueless about coding. But after this short course, I'm proud to say I've got the basics down. Matt did a fantastic job covering everything. So if you're up for a challenge and want to dip your toes into the coding world, I'd definitely recommend this!

Studying was quite easy
by Diana d

Studying was quite easy as all the instructions were crystal clear and comprehensible. The website interface was surprisingly simple ad convenient to use. I only wish I had the option to collaborate with others, but hopefully this will become available in the futurešŸ¤ž!

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