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About company

Scopio stands as an innovative AI-based community platform, providing artists a global stage to sell their images, share their narratives, and secure opportunities worldwide. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Scopio empowers artists by bridging geographical gaps and connecting them with a diverse audience. The platform serves as a multifaceted hub, not only facilitating image sales but also enabling artists to articulate their stories, fostering a deeper connection with their audience. With a global reach, Scopio becomes a dynamic marketplace where artistic talent transcends boundaries, offering a unique avenue for artists to showcase their work, build a global presence, and potentially secure opportunities on an international scale.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: Scopio was founded by Christina Hawatmeh.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2015.

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In my opinion, working with
by Wahid

In my opinion, working with Scopio has been a great experience for me as a photographer. I really like how they focus on showing real and diverse pictures, which matches well with what I believe in creatively. The way they handle the process of submitting and approving photos is smooth, and whenever I need help, their team is quick to respond. Scopio not only gives me a chance to share my work globally but also makes sure I get paid fairly. Overall, my partnership with Scopio has helped me reach more people with my photography, and I admire how they create a professional and inclusive environment for artists like me.

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A standout art & entertainment
by Seyi

A standout art & entertainment company that merits a Grammy. Remarkably clear, expressive, and flexible. Renowned for their outstanding and clever performances. I'm giving scopio a 5-star rating because collaborating with them has been truly fulfilling.

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Receiving unsolicited emails from
by nau

Receiving unsolicited emails from this company has been an infuriating experience. Despite never requesting or authorizing them to send me emails, they persistently flood my inbox. It appears they obtained my email from my website and are attempting to engage in suspicious money-related schemes. Not a pleasant encounter!

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Impressed with this dynamic and innovative

Impressed with this dynamic and innovative company! Their youthful energy and creativity shine as we collaborate across continents, consistently delivering fresh and relevant content. Our partnership, spanning over 2 years, resulted in the release of a timely book during challenging times. For those keen on staying connected to global happenings, this company is a must-join!

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