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About company

Railbookers stands as the go-to expert for independent rail holidays, offering a diverse range of options. From luxury experiences on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to iconic journeys through the Swiss Alps or exploring historic European cities, they cater to varied preferences. Whether it's a Coast to Coast adventure in the USA or Canada, Railbookers ensures there's a holiday for everyone. The company prioritizes flexibility, allowing customers to customize their trips with extra nights, additional destinations, combined itineraries, and more. Short breaks or extended stays, Railbookers seamlessly tailors rail holidays to meet individual preferences, promising a unique and personalized travel experience.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Founders:'s President & Chief Executive Officer is MARINI, Frank Anthony.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2003.

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Aj has been a total blessing
by Carolyn

Aj has been a total blessing for helping me with these bookings. As the first two agents just totally ghosted me (come to find out one was moved and the other left) I was very happy with Aj taking over and helping in ways they did not. His knowledge and suggestions for my clients has been outstanding!

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I've used Railbookers before and was
by Kay M

I've used Railbookers before and was really happy with the service I got. The people I talked to on the phone seemed to like their jobs, they let me know when money would be taken from my account, and they helped me a lot with planning my first trip abroad. But now it seems like all those helpful employees are gone. The people I've talked to recently seem young and not very friendly on the phone. They don't seem interested in answering my questions. No one told me when the next payment would be taken from my account, and I haven't heard anything about my trip that's coming up soon. I still haven't received my vouchers either. I'm starting to get worried.

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My husband and I gotta say,
by Diane

My husband and I gotta say, Daniela Inocencio was really helpful. 'Cause of some medical stuff popping up outta nowhere, we had to tweak our holiday plans with Railbookers. Daniela was like the MVP of dealing with these changes. She made things way easier for us and didn't get all annoyed with the bunch of questions and changes we threw her way! She answered our questions quick and nice, and chatting with her on the phone was cool too. We think Daniela kinda made Railbookers look good, you know? Big props to her for helping us out. We're gonna tell our friends about Railbookers 'cause of Daniela's help!

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Having overlooked the 1-star reviews
by Cheryl

Having overlooked the 1-star reviews, my Glacier Express journey with this agency proved disappointing. Shockingly overcharged and denied a cash refund, I was left wary of their future travel credits. My package cost twice as much as alternatives. Caution to fellow travelers: explore other options before committing to this agency. Buyers, beware of potential overcharging pitfalls.

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Impressed by Kevin's expertise
by Dawn

Impressed by Kevin's expertise and exceptional service! He seamlessly navigated through my intricate itinerary, offering valuable insights and suggesting fantastic alternative tours. Kevin's professionalism, personable approach, and willingness to go the extra mile deserve recognition. His outstanding assistance merits a well-deserved raise!

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Beware of this company's exorbitant
by Curtis McCune

Beware of this company's exorbitant prices and their reluctance to provide cash refunds for canceled services. The hotel rates are inflated threefold. Save yourself thousands by booking through alternative websites. Caution is advised when considering this company for your travel needs.

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