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About company

Powertrain Products Inc. is a reputable supplier specializing in rebuilt engines, used engines, surplus engines, transmissions, transfer cases, cylinder heads, and differentials. They operate 5 days a week, shipping nationwide from 10 warehouse locations for speedy product delivery. With over 75 years of collective experience in the drivetrain industry, their knowledgeable staff serves a diverse customer base, from large government fleet operations to individual vehicle owners. They are passionate about automobiles and dedicated to assisting customers in making informed decisions for their vehicle repairs, offering attentive listening, expert answers, and sound advice for drivetrain replacements.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Eddie Symonds.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2007.

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I'm currently dealing with this company
by Ronnie I

I'm currently dealing with this company and let me tell you, it hasn't been smooth sailing. My 2001 Dakota pickup needed a new transmission and the dealership chose this company to do the job. Unfortunately, the first three remanufactured transmissions they sent to the shop in Colorado Springs were all defective. Can you believe it? It took them a whopping three weeks to finally approve my warranty claim, and that was after they asked for multiple photos and other information from the shop. And just when I thought the nightmare was over, they told me it would take another 2-3 weeks to build and ship a transmission because they didn't have any in stock. As you can imagine, I was stuck 600 miles away from home without a vehicle in a rural area. My poor children had to make the long drive to pick me up and bring me back home. Not the ideal situation, am I right? Long story short, I did not choose this company and I definitely wouldn't recommend them.

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Appallingly unacceptable service from this
by Cory Miller

Appallingly unacceptable service from this company. I bought a motor and transmission, both failing within 100 miles. Sent back the cores promptly, paid for the second installment, and it's been 120+ days since they received the faulty cores. Despite approved warranty claims, the reimbursement process is stuck in accounting for over 60 days. Repeated attempts to contact Rose in the warranty department result in being put on hold or hung up on. This company's customer service is a blatant contradiction to any reasonable warranty system. Beware of purchasing anything from them; all I've encountered are empty excuses.

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True professionals. Everyone at
by Garth

True professionals. Everyone at the company was incredibly helpful, from the sales team to their after-sales services. The transmission they built for me works flawlessly. Although there were some minor issues after installation, the after-sales support team knew exactly how to address them over the phone and even sent me an aftermarket bracket free of charge to resolve a problem I was facing! What's more, this upgraded transmission came with better solenoids and sun gears and was still more affordable than any other quotes I had received. I will certainly turn to Power Train Products again in the future!

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I required a 360 engine for my
by Jaymie

I required a 360 engine for my Dodge van, which originally came equipped with a 318 engine, posing a compatibility challenge. However, after a conversation with the right person, I successfully secured a 360 engine with an impressive 3-year warranty. This is a fantastic deal considering that many other places typically offer only 6 or 12 months of warranty coverage. The fact that my new engine is set to arrive in a few days further adds to my satisfaction. Overall, it has been a great experience doing business with this company.

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Got the engin fast and all questions
by Dave M

Got the engin fast and all questions were answerd. In a week the oil pressure regulator failed and over pressured the engin causing oil to blow out of the filter housing area. After this was repaired the engin has been great.

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I'm really impressd with this
by Anonymous

I'm really impressd with this company. They did a good job fixin' my Mustang. The engin was rebuilt and it was deliverd quick. They were real nice and helpfull.

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Hey, have you checked out Better Busines
by Remi's m

Hey, have you checked out Better Business Bureau's website? They have real-life reviews from actual customers, no filter and all.

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