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About company

Mr Bet, a Curaçao-licensed crypto casino, welcomes players globally, including Canada. Positioned as a leading choice, their state-of-the-art mobile online betting platform in Canada offers compelling reasons for players to engage. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Mr Bet ensures an immersive and seamless gaming experience. The casino's acceptance of cryptocurrency aligns with modern preferences, enhancing accessibility for a diverse player base. Catering to the Canadian market and beyond, Mr Bet stands out as a reliable and technologically advanced option for those seeking top-notch online betting services.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2017.

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MrBet casino is really great!
by Nate

MrBet casino is really great! Their bonuses are awesome, and their support team is really fast at fixing any problems. I had a problem once, but their support team fixed it right away! Also, their security system makes sure that once your funds are confirmed, withdrawals are handled safely. When I play at MrBet, I feel totally confident because I know my money is safe!

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I engaged with this gaming platform
by Peter Jackson

I engaged with this gaming platform, making several deposits and winning 653.00 CAD on January 31st. Despite being promised a maximum 5-day wait for withdrawal, the process became frustrating. After being informed I was in the queue, no response followed. When I inquired, they shifted blame to my bank without resolution. This platform may eventually pay, but it seems they prefer players to deposit before facilitating payouts. A cautionary note: anticipate delayed payouts. Consider alternatives like Betty, though similar issues may persist.

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Despite encountering occasional withdrawal
by cerednicenkog

Despite encountering occasional withdrawal challenges, Mr. Bet's support team exhibited commendable assistance, ensuring a seamless resolution. The website's extensive game selection stands unmatched, fostering anticipation for future gameplay. The diverse gaming options outweigh the sporadic withdrawal hurdles, making it an enticing platform for enthusiasts like me.

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I'm genuinely pleased with my experience
by aserduk8

I'm genuinely pleased with my experience at Mr. Bet, notwithstanding a bit of additional red tape. The diverse selection of games and the amiable support team create an outstanding environment to relish and potentially strike it big. Kudos to this casino! The highlight lies in the extensive game options and supportive staff, while the drawback is the minor bureaucratic hurdles.

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What a rollercoaster experience with
by norgetrol

What a rollercoaster experience with Mr.Bet! Initially, I hit a stroke of luck, winning big and feeling optimistic. However, the verification process was unexpectedly prolonged, and they claimed a breach of terms, seemingly scamming me of 2900Euro. After polite email exchanges, they rechecked without notice, and the money is now in my account! Despite the hiccup, the 5000Euro payout is successfully on my bank account. Mr.Bet's game selection is impressive, but it's unfortunate that NoLimit isn't available in Norway. The live chat, though using translation, lacks a personal touch but offers a chance to escalate complaints for a more personalized resolution.

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The verification process is problematic
by Robert Limoges

The verification process is problematic, misleadingly suggesting e-transfer, and then abruptly shifting to demanding card verification. The request for unusually specific bank details raises concerns about security practices. Despite promises of substantial winnings, the platform consistently finds excuses to avoid payouts. The overall experience is questionable, fostering distrust. Potential users should exercise caution and reconsider engagement due to the inconsistency and suspicious practices of the platform.

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Engaging with this casino for several years
by Taurangalee

Engaging with this casino for several years, my overall experience has been positive. However, I reserve a full rating pending the processing of my first withdrawal. The selection of games is appealing, and if the withdrawal proves efficient, I anticipate becoming a more regular player. Looking forward to a seamless transaction to solidify my positive impression of the casino.

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