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Keto Cycle, an innovative ketogenic diet app, simplifies the keto journey with its user-friendly, personalized approach. The app eliminates guesswork and counting, offering a think-free experience for users seeking a streamlined way to embrace the keto lifestyle. With smart tracking, meal planning, workouts, and expert guidance, Keto Cycle provides an all-encompassing solution for individuals looking to achieve their desired body and health through the ketogenic diet. The app's commitment to simplicity and personalization ensures that users can embark on their keto journey confidently and efficiently, without the complexities often associated with dietary changes.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Founders: was founded by Lauren Weiss.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2019.

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I expected good assistance from this
by Annelie

I expected good assistance from this company but felt abandoned instead. I received only links, emails, and logins, which overwhelmed me with messages. I eventually stopped using the app and now they won't refund me. I demand a refund!

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It's nice that the meal recipes
by Joe

It's nice that the meal recipes are easy to find, but the portion sizes in the pictures make the meals seem bigger than they actually are. However, the meals taste really good.

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After nearly four weeks on the Keto
by Anonymous

After nearly four weeks on the Keto diet, I've managed to shed ten pounds, and my pants are noticeably looser. While I'm pleased with the overall progress, gauging the reduction of fat around my midsection proves challenging, and there's a lingering concern about potential muscle loss. One aspect that leaves room for improvement is the discrepancy between the meal recipe images and the actual serving sizes. The pictures can be deceiving, showcasing a more generous portion than what's included in the recipe. For instance, a dish featuring sausages and vegetables might display three sausages in the image, which doesn't align with the reality of the serving size. It would be more accurate and fair to portray the actual portions, ensuring the meals still appear appetizing without creating false expectations.

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After exhausting various weight
by Diane

After exhausting various weight loss methods, I stumbled upon Keto Cycle and decided to give it a shot, especially with a major surgery ahead. Surprisingly, I've shed 8.2 lbs in just 12 days, a refreshing change from past struggles. The app simplifies meal planning with easy recipes and a convenient grocery list. Alarms on my phone combat my inconsistency in eating, making the process smoother. The plan is enjoyable, keeping me satiated, and even restaurant choices align effortlessly. If you're weary of weight battles, consider joining the Keto Cycle movement for a practical approach. Cheers to the journey toward a 'new' me in the next 8 months!

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I encountered an issue with the Keto Cycle Diet program
by Diana Strange

I encountered an issue with the Keto Cycle Diet program when I reached my goal and requested them to stop sending the product. Unfortunately, they continued sending more despite my request. While the product itself is okay, the persistence in sending it after my goal was achieved was frustrating and not in line with my expectations.

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I was disappointed to discover that the cost of the Keto Cycle Diet program is in USD, not AUD
by Richard Flanagan

I was disappointed to discover that the cost of the Keto Cycle Diet program is in USD, not AUD, which becomes evident only after payment. This practice is misleading for Australian consumers, and Airbnb recently faced fines for similar behavior under Australian consumer law. Despite this issue, I've just signed up for the app, and I may modify this review in the future based on the program's performance, provided it proves effective despite the misleading pricing structure for Australian users.

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