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Discover a range of homecare products and aids designed for daily living, prioritizing independence and dignity. Whether individuals are purchasing for themselves or caring for a loved one, the goal is to enhance the overall quality of life. The curated selection aims to facilitate an enjoyable living experience by offering practical solutions and support. From mobility aids to daily living essentials, the products cater to diverse needs, ensuring a seamless and comfortable lifestyle. Embrace independence with confidence, thanks to thoughtfully chosen homecare products that make daily activities more manageable and enjoyable.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Ledbury, United Kingdom.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1965.

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Having used Cosyfeet reachers from
by Anonymous

Having used Cosyfeet reachers from Street, Somerset before, I recently bought 2 replacements after wearing out the previous ones from constant use over 10-12 years. I received the replacements and am completely satisfied. Today, I ordered 2 more of the same product. One for the car and one for each room in my house. Being 78 and having type 2 Diabetes has limited my mobility, so having a reacher in every room is very helpful. They are extremely useful for me, and I recommend them to anyone with similar needs based on my over 10 years of experience using them.

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After over a decade with Socks
by Duncan Scroggs

After over a decade with Socks On, my daily usage has been reliable. However, my recent replacement experience has been disappointing, as one of the pull cords detached within a month.

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this company is a winner!
by Alan Williams

this company is a winner! Their stuff is top-notch, and they don't mess around with delivery – it's like they've got a magic teleporter. No complaints here, just a big thumbs up for great products and speedy service.

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Got the wrong Hip kit in the mail
by Nadine Knight

Got the wrong Hip kit in the mail. Ah, well, I guess we're all human, right? Still, a bit annoying when you're all hyped up for your order, and oops, wrong one shows up. Hoping they fix this hiccup without too much hassle.

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I gotta give props to this Arthri-Grip
by keith si

I gotta give props to this Arthri-Grip PRO Reacher/Grabber and Handi-Grip Mini duo – they're game-changers! Bought a set for myself, got so blown away by how useful and top-notch they are that I snagged another pair for my wife. With both of us dealing with mobility hiccups, these reacher/grabbers are legit lifesavers. They handle everything from giant water bottles to tiny pens like champs, thanks to the combo of long and short reach. Quick orders, good bang for the buck – total win in my book!

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by Michael

Had to swing by Helping Hand again because my last experience was spot-on. These 'fingertip' grabbers are my jam, so snagging some more was a no-brainer. It's like going back to a good meal spot – if it's tasty once, why not savor it again?

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Back in '08
by Rosie

Back in '08, got one for the missus during her hip replacement saga – a real lifesaver. Fast forward to 2023, I'm the one with the shiny new knee replacement. The old grabber's seen better days, so I ordered a longer one. Brace yourselves for the shocker – the new one shows up the next day, and they casually replace the old one under their lifetime guarantee. Made in the UK, solid as a rock, and the service? Superb.

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