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Health-e-vape was established by seasoned vapers fueled by their unwavering passion for vaping and e-cigarettes. Driven by a commitment to crafting the most exquisite e-liquids, Health-e-vape team continuously refines selection with a wide array of delectable flavors. 

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This used to be my
by Ian

This used to be my go-to vape shop, but the range of liquids, mods, etc. has severely diminished over the last few months, to the point where there's no point going in there any more. The staff are as friendly as ever and always extremely embarrassed by the lack of stock. It seems they are moving over to custom-made and expensive subohm liquid, rather than the classic range which I loved, as well as subohm mods/tanks, etc. I have found that the custom made liquid causes me to cough and the flavors are not very good. I'm disappointed in the way this shop has gone downhill and I'll be surprised if they keep going if this continues.

I have to say, Health-e-vape is just fantastic!
by MissX

I have to say, Health-e-vape is just fantastic! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coil builder, their team always welcomes you with a smile and provides the best advice. They've been so patient in explaining all the mods, coils, and setups, and even recommended the perfect juice that complements my setup. Their fast and reliable shipping is a huge plus too. I can't speak highly enough of their amazing customer service and knowledge. It's truly a pleasure to deal with such a dedicated and helpful team. Keep up the great work, Health-e-vape!

The Health-e vape flavor was spot-on
by Anonymous

The Health-e vape flavor was spot-on, absolutely fresh and delicious! However, I must admit, the Snickas flavor didn't quite hit the mark for me. It lacked that peanut taste I was hoping for. Nevertheless, the delivery was surprisingly fast! I understand that flavors can be subjective, and I won't let one miss deter me. I'll definitely be giving them another shot because, overall, the experience was positive. Looking forward to trying more flavors from them soon!

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