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About company

Groomit offers a premier in-home dog grooming service in New York City, providing pet owners with a convenient, safe, and stress-free grooming experience. The Groomit App simplifies scheduling, allowing you to book grooming sessions with ease. As a leading tech-based company, Groomit delivers on-demand grooming services, leveraging both cutting-edge technology and pet grooming expertise. Their innovative approach ensures that your furry friend receives top-quality care from highly skilled and passionate professionals. Groomit is dedicated to matching pet owners with the best groomers in the industry, ensuring your beloved companion is in caring hands.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Yonkers, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Sohel Kapadia Anna Zege Tino Patel Lars Rissmann.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2016.

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They were great.
by Bonnie

They were great. Showed up on time, took care of my messy cat fast. Now Bandy looks kinda like a lion, but no more tangles. He feels better!

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Chase had many tangles I didn't realize.
by John

Chase had many tangles I didn't realize. I accepted paying more for untangling. A little issue with her leg wrap made things tricky but we managed. I should've removed it earlier. The groomer did well, removing all tangles and following my instructions for trimming. I stopped using Groomit after three canceled appointments. It was a trial, but it went smoothly.

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Groomers consistently deliver quality service!
by Tati

Groomers consistently deliver quality service! I appreciate the convenience offered by these groomers, particularly opting for the mobile van service, which has never caused any issues for me. I intend to remain a loyal customer due to the punctuality and friendliness consistently exhibited by the groomers.

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I booked the gold package
by Giovanna

I booked the gold package for my West Highland Terrier, Miles, and specifically mentioned that I needed someone who knew how to cut a Westie. However, what I received was far from satisfactory. Miles' haircut is terribly uneven, and it's evident that the additional services I prepaid for were not delivered as expected.

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I was initially excited when
by Valued

I was initially excited when I saw the mobile pet grooming vehicle in Nashville and decided to give it a try for my 13-year-old dog, even though he's easy to groom but can get a bit anxious. The groomer offered to do it that evening, and we went through the process of using the app and selecting the Gold package, which was a bit pricey at around $180. However, when I entered a new client coupon code, the total skyrocketed to over $250. This unexpected price increase left me feeling quite shocked, and I asked the groomer to explain the charges, which included service fees and a "same day" charge. Despite the unexpected costs, I decided to go ahead with the grooming. The groomer arrived at my house half an hour early, and although he estimated it would take about 2 hours, it ended up taking well over 3 hours, with a late finish past 10 PM. To make matters worse, my dog's ear was accidentally cut during the process, and the groomer offered to grind his nails at no extra cost, which should have been included from the start. This experience left me dissatisfied and unwilling to use their services again or recommend them to others. It was indeed a pricey lesson learned the hard way.

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