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Geekkeys is an online retailer known for its eclectic assortment of themed keyboard keycaps, catering to enthusiasts of pop culture and geekdom. With a selection that includes icons from Pokemon to superhero emblems, the site offers personalized flair for mechanical keyboards. Despite its niche appeal, customer feedback indicates potential issues with delayed shipping and customer service responsiveness, as orders are shipped from China and communication post-purchase can be sparse. Shoppers should note these factors, although the site does engage customers with promotional deals, providing some level of active online presence

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Five stars all the way!
by Weembly

From the moment I stumbled upon Geekkeys.com, I knew I had found something special. As a massive fan of all things nerdy, the selection of keycaps left me spoilt for choice – I wanted them all! I decided on a set of vintage typewriter keycaps and a custom Captain America shield escape key. Placing the order was a breeze, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an immediate confirmation email. The anticipation was part of the fun, and Geekkeys did not disappoint. My keycaps arrived sooner than expected, and the quality blew me away. Each keycap was a miniature work of art, with crisp designs and a comfortable feel under the fingertips. They fit my mechanical keyboard perfectly, transforming it from a mere tool to a conversation piece. But what truly sets Geekkeys apart is their customer service. When I had a query about my order, their response was prompt, courteous, and genuinely helpful – a rarity in online shopping today. The experience was so positive that I'm already planning my next purchase. For keyboard enthusiasts looking to spice up their setup, Geekkeys.com is the hidden gem we've been searching for. Five stars all the way!

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Two weeks breezed by without a sign
by Jame Brok.

I selected a holiday present on September 15th, but no confirmation buzzed into my inbox, although the charge on my credit card went through promptly. Two weeks breezed by without a sign of the package, prompting me to seek answers through their contact form—a message that seemingly vanished into thin air. The gift finally made its way to me in mid-January, after a lengthy journey from China. For those considering this route, I'd suggest setting your sights elsewhere.

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I purchased a gift
by Graham

I purchased a gift on December 17, and despite my credit card being charged, I never received an order confirmation. After two weeks, I reached out through the website's contact form for an update but received no reply. The item finally arrived almost three weeks later in mid-January, shipped from China. Strongly advise against considering this company.

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I ventured into the realm
by nmike78

I ventured into the realm of double payment, yet replies and my order remained as elusive as a whisper in the wind. I navigated this silent odyssey without a treasure at the end. Future travelers, steer clear of this path.

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Purchased items twice, but received
by breach

Purchased items twice, but received no response or order confirmation. Disappointing experience; would recommend steering clear.

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