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Credit Clock emerges as a reliable direct lender, uniquely positioned to address financial needs at any time of day. Distinguishing itself from other lenders, Credit Clock operates 24 hours a day, ensuring accessibility to bad credit loans through its extensive network of available lenders. The company extends bad credit loans with a maximum amount of $5,000, featuring low-interest rates to facilitate borrower-friendly terms. Notably, Credit Clock provides the added convenience of flexible repayment periods, allowing borrowers up to 24 months to repay their loans, minimizing financial strain and enhancing customer satisfaction. With a commitment to accessibility and favorable terms, Credit Clock stands out in the lending landscape.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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GreditClock is a good company.
by Anonymous

GreditClock is a good company. They offer quality service and their website is easy to use. I am somewhat satisfied with their overall performance.

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My experience was great.
by Wakhaila

My experience was great. Sarah was super helpful,as I'm not the most tech savvy guy on the planet. Very patient and professional. Can't wait to see the results on my credit report.

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I had an absolutely fantastic experience
by Susan

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with this company! My interaction with April was nothing short of exceptional, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for her outstanding customer service. She went above and beyond to assist me in restoring my credit, and I genuinely appreciate her dedication and efforts. This company has proven to be reliable and customer-centric, making my overall experience truly enjoyable.

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I was informed that a $99 payment
by Christopher

I was informed that a $99 payment would be necessary following an initial payment of $220 for a three-month service aimed at resolving a credit issue dating back four years. To my dismay, they enrolled me in an additional credit monitoring app, demanding an extra $20 monthly. What's worse, they attempted to charge me the initial $220 twice, even after I had settled the payment. To add to the frustration, a fourth-month charge of $99 materialized, and upon contacting them for an update, I was met with a lack of information and advised to continue payments until further notice. This experience reeks of deception, and I now realize I could have rectified the derogatory mark on my credit at a lower cost than the initial payment. Beware of falling into the same trap I did.

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