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Art Masterclass, a distinguished boutique art studio in Canada, specializes in traditional craft workshops, including the enchanting Turkish Mosaic Art. Attendees can immerse themselves in a unique experience, learning the intricate art of crafting mosaic lamps. The workshops, lasting approximately 2 hours, provide a hands-on opportunity to create personalized masterpieces. All necessary parts and materials are thoughtfully included, ensuring participants leave with their own beautifully crafted mosaic lamp to adorn their spaces. Art Masterclass invites enthusiasts to discover and embrace the timeless charm of Turkish Mosaic Art in a welcoming and creative environment.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, CANADA.
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The mosaic lamp class was enjoyable
by Pam P

The mosaic lamp class was enjoyable and really helped me unwind. It was nice hanging out with friends while making our lamps. Bringing mine home and using it brings back memories of the good time we had. I feel proud of my creation.

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I enjoy my lamp a lot.
by Liz

I enjoy my lamp a lot. Putting it together was enjoyable. The instructions were easy to understand, and I appreciated the YouTube tutorials. The downside is that once you pick a design online, you're stuck with it. I chose the ocean design but saw another one I preferred on the instructions. Couldn't change it because of limited glass. If you want more options in your design or colors, consider attending events instead.

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My experience with the company's
by Sue Kelly

My experience with the company's presentation left much to be desired. The session felt hurried, leaving many participants, myself included, feeling overwhelmed, especially since it was our first foray into the world of mosaics. The presenter's constant reminders about time constraints and the impending shift to the next segment only added to the anxiety, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the experience. Additionally, there's room for improvement in the presenter's positioning and volume – being more centered, higher, or louder during the step-by-step demonstrations would certainly enhance the overall learning experience.

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Had a great time overall!
by Leah

Had a great time overall! The vibrant atmosphere with an array of color options and design examples set a lively tone for the evening. The staff was not only friendly but also genuinely helpful throughout the creative process. The delightful touch of Turkish delight and tea at the end added a warm and cozy feel to the experience. While the design journey was enjoyable, there were moments of frustration. Transferring the pattern from paper to the lamp proved challenging, and having more toothpicks and tweezers readily available would have eased the process of placing the glass pieces. The workshop, albeit fun, felt a bit rushed. A more extended duration, perhaps 3 hours, would have allowed for a more relaxed pace, ensuring everyone could complete their projects without feeling pressured to wrap up prematurely. Considering options in advance for paying customers could enhance the experience further. Allocating a brief planning period of 5-10 minutes before diving into the hands-on work was a tad short, especially for beginners like us. A bit more time for contemplation could result in even more satisfying designs. Overall, a fantastic evening with room for a few tweaks to make it an even more enjoyable and stress-free experience for all participants!

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What an enjoyable and entertaining
by Muriel Sequeira

What an enjoyable and entertaining adventure! I had a blast and would definitely consider revisiting. While the initial instructions could have been a bit more straightforward, everything else was really good.

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