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About company

Secure the well-being of your beloved pets – cats, dogs, or rabbits – with our comprehensive pet insurance policies. Be prepared for unexpected medical expenses, ensuring your furry companions receive the care they need without financial worries. We prioritize your peace of mind, striving to process vet fee claims swiftly, typically within just 5 working days. Pets, like humans, can fall ill, and our insurance coverage is designed to alleviate the burden of veterinary bills during their times of need. Count on us for expert guidance on your pet's health and behavior, offering valuable support when you're concerned about your cherished companions.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Milton Keyne, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded Backed by Royal & Sun Alliance plc.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2002.

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I've had cat insurance with Argos
by Anonymous

I've had cat insurance with Argos for 8 months. I claimed recently. It was dealt with smoothly and efficiently. App portal had some issues, but I managed to claim. Couldn't see all info, even though I was logged in.

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Argos insurans has been great for me and my dogs.
by Samantha

Argos insurans has been great for me and my dogs. They're fair with prices. Fast with claims and payments.

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Simple to arrange pet insurance
by Caz Frith

Simple to arrange pet insurance. I own two Springer Spaniels and needed to renew their pet cover. Argos offered superior coverage at a more affordable rate compared to my previous insurer, and the entire process was straightforward to set up.

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I was initially concerned about potential
by Karen

I was initially concerned about potential issues in filing claims for my daughter's dog's recent vet bills, stemming from a previous unfavorable experience with a low-cost car insurance provider. Opting for Argos pet insurance due to its affordability in comparison to my renewal quote, I must admit that they have been quite impressive. The waiting times when contacting Argos Pet Insurance have been reasonable, and adding claims to the portal was a straightforward process. Regular text updates kept me informed, and the payout was processed promptly. Overall, my experience with them has been satisfactory.

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The staff seems cool
by Lizzie K

The staff seems cool, but it'd be even better if they could explain the process a bit more clearly. It's a bit frustrating when you're told one thing, like the vets needing to call, and then it turns out you have to raise a claim dispute yourself. Clear communication can make a world of difference!

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Renewal letter sounded like
by Julie S

Renewal letter sounded like a real wallet-wrecker. But you weren't having it – kudos for shopping around and getting a way better deal, first at £22+ and then scoring the same coverage for just £15.08 on the Argos site! That's some smart money-saving right there.

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