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Alternative Health Research, operating under Smith & Smith Enterprises, has been a leading authority for over two decades, specializing in guiding individuals toward pain-free lives. Renowned as the Original Gout Experts, their extensive research and commitment to knowledge have broadened their product line to address joint and overall body health. With a comprehensive range of solutions, they offer everything needed to support joint health and overall well-being. Their wealth of experience positions them as a trusted resource for individuals seeking effective strategies to improve their health, making them a go-to destination in the field of alternative health.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Gary L Yount.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1998.

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I've been using flamasil for
by Ken

I've been using flamasil for a few years now to help with inflammation and gout. It was alright until recently, but now it doesn't seem to work as well. The price is too high, and if this next batch doesn't help, I'll stop buying it. I get blood tests often, so I can tell it's not working anymore. It hasn't helped with my gout for over 5 months now. Pretty bummed out.

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This company's shipping could improve.
by Anonymous

This company's shipping could improve. My product took an extra 2 days because of back-and-forth between Chicago and Wichita, even though I'm closer to Wichita. It was sent via USPS. I like the product and customer service, but shipping could be better.

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I have been using Goutcure for a long
by Anonymous

I have been using Goutcure for a long time now, and it's been effective in preventing attacks. It has helped alleviate my joint pains.

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Ordering and delivery were surprisingly
by Sam C.

Ordering and delivery were surprisingly swift, taking less than a week. This significantly saved me the hassle of sourcing individual natural gout-fighting ingredients. The efficiency in the process made my experience with the company notably convenient.

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I've relied on the Gout Cure supplement
by Jeffrey G.

I've relied on the Gout Cure supplement for over 15 years, and it consistently delivers on its promises. I've experimented by discontinuing its use, only to experience a return of gout symptoms within 3 days. Resuming the supplement brings me back to normal in just 2-3 days. Regular usage keeps my issues at bay, as confirmed by blood tests indicating effective control of uric acid levels. A reliable product that stands by its claims, making it an essential part of my routine.

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I had an issue with my GoutCare shipment as I received only 2 bottles instead of the 3 I ordered
by Kevin D.

I had an issue with my GoutCare shipment as I received only 2 bottles instead of the 3 I ordered. However, Jason from customer service promptly addressed the error, apologized, and assured me that the missing bottle would be sent. Despite the initial hiccup, I appreciate the swift response and resolution. As a satisfied and frequent customer, I value the effectiveness of GoutCare and the commitment to customer satisfaction shown by the team.

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