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About company excels in providing professional virtual assistants tailored specifically for medical, dental, and veterinary offices, enabling healthcare professionals to streamline administrative tasks and devote more attention to patient care. Whether managing a solo practice or overseeing a multi-location surgical facility,'s virtual assistants efficiently handle day-to-day operations. Their innovative Live In-Room Charting feature allows dedicated VAs to accompany practitioners into patient exam rooms, providing real-time charting during visits. From referrals and phone calls to scheduling and more,'s VAs manage a range of office tasks, offering a comprehensive solution. With customization options and a cost-effective rate of $7 per hour per agent, stands out as a versatile support partner for healthcare practices.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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My experience with this company
by Stephen

My experience with this company has been incredibly frustrating. Navigating through referrals to cardiologists or orthopedics feels like a perpetual runaround. The communication breakdown between the doctor, the VA, and the patient creates a never-ending cycle of back-and-forth. It's disheartening, especially when dealing with urgent health issues. The lack of empathy for individuals facing serious health concerns is evident, and the whole process feels like they simply don't care. It's disappointing that such a crucial system falls short in providing timely and compassionate care.

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(5.0) has proven indispensable for a busy physician like me
by Eleanor Dodd has proven indispensable for a busy physician like me. Juggling patient care and administrative tasks can be overwhelming, but their team has adeptly managed scheduling and prior authorizations. This service significantly lightened my workload, ensuring I could dedicate more time to patient care.'s reliability and seamless integration into our practice have made it an invaluable asset. Highly recommended for fellow healthcare professionals seeking an efficient solution to streamline their administrative processes.

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While the staff at this company demonstrates
by C O

While the staff at this company demonstrates excellent personal qualities and customer care, there is room for improvement in their expertise regarding medical front office operations. Despite their positive attributes, there's a noticeable gap in their knowledge of procedures and operations. As a customer, I value professionalism in medical settings, and I hope the company can enhance its training to ensure a more seamless and knowledgeable experience for both staff and patients.

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A great service for any busy clinic seeking efficient solutions
by Ava Frost has been a tremendous asset to our family practice, taking charge of scheduling and paperwork, particularly for our elderly patients. This support enables us to prioritize patient care, knowing administrative tasks are in capable hands. A great service for any busy clinic seeking efficient solutions.

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Engaging with VA.Care proved to be
by Anthony Birch

Engaging with VA.Care proved to be a practical choice for my business. It's a budget-friendly solution that eliminated the necessity of hiring permanent staff for certain tasks. The virtual assistants efficiently handle various responsibilities, making operations more streamlined and cost-effective.

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(5.0)'s team has been so helpful
by Noah's team has been so helpful to our eye doctor's office. They really make everything run smoothly, from scheduling appointments to answering questions from patients. Their help has been really great.

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They are amazing and incredibly helpful
by Cerys

They are amazing and incredibly helpful in handling the prior authorizations for our young patients. Their team makes sure our pediatric patients get the care they need without unnecessary delays.

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VA.Care has helped me streamline my
by Joe L

VA.Care has helped me streamline my business operations. Their virtual assistants have helped me with administrative tasks, giving me more time to focus on growing my practice.

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