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About company is a reputable online coding bootcamp that offers comprehensive training and courses in various programming languages. Their business is dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary skills to excel in the tech industry.

Key Information:

  • Location: The TrueCoders company is located in United States. 
  • Founders: was founded by Cody Winton, Daniel Walsh and Mike Oakman.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2017

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Best bootcamp
by Adrienn

When I first thought about joining this bootcamp, I wasn't sure. I didn't know anything about coding, but I decided to try because I wanted to work in the tech industry. It turned out to be a great choice! The teachers and TAs are really nice and they want everyone to learn. They don't make you feel bad if you're having trouble understanding, they are very helpful. I really liked that they offer unlimited one-on-one sessions! This was really useful when I was struggling with some exercises and projects. They also have Career Services where you can practice interviews, get help with your resume, and get ready for a job. Besides that, this bootcamp is one of the cheapest I found when I was looking. They have different payment plans to fit your budget. I took the live classes, which were only 9 weeks, while other bootcamps usually take 3 to 6 months. Overall, it was a great experience! I'm graduating tomorrow and I'm very happy!

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I recently completed TrueCoders' 2-month
by Annie Nusbaum

I recently completed TrueCoders' 2-month bootcamp on full-stack software engineering. The curriculum covered essential topics such as Git, GitHub, C#, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and ASP.NET. The C# section was particularly comprehensive, delving into object-oriented programming, variables, methods, and operators. The practical aspects, including debugging and NuGet packages, added real-world relevance. The culmination in a C# and SQL project using Dapper as an ORM was a practical application of intermediate concepts. The final project phase allowed for creative exploration, choosing between a C.R.U.D application or a web app with an API. The Discord community was a valuable resource, fostering collaboration and support. My experience with TrueCoders was positive overall.

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This company provides top-notch
by James

This company provides top-notch Software Development training, paving the way for a seamless transition into the tech industry. The exceptional training program ensures a solid foundation and prepares individuals for a successful career change. Highly recommended for those seeking a comprehensive and effective path into technology.

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Incredible team and instructors
by Will Pickeral

Incredible team and instructors committed to your success even beyond the course. Unmatched in delivering extensive coding knowledge in a remarkably brief duration. Their support extends beyond coding skills, guiding you towards a successful career path. Upon completing the course, you emerge as a polished and professional coder.

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TrueCoders is the real deal
by James Yarbrough

TrueCoders is the real deal when it comes to caring about your learning journey. From day one till graduation, everyone's got your back, always ready to tackle your questions. And get this, even after you graduate, you're not left out in the cold – you're still part of the TrueCoders family, connecting with alumni and current students. My time with them was top-notch, and if you're eyeing a dive into software engineering or web development, these guys get a big thumbs up from me.

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TrueCoders isn't just about
by Cory S.

TrueCoders isn't just about coding lessons; it's a whole vibe of community and self-improvement. Seriously, I've felt like they've had my back throughout my time with them. Totally planning on sticking around and being part of this awesome community.

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I successfully completed this
by Frank Alves

I successfully completed this program last week, and it was an excellent experience. The instructors demonstrated a firm grasp of the material and ensured that everyone understood each topic before moving on to the next one. Despite the quick pace from subject to subject, it never felt overwhelming. While the program involves a substantial amount of work, I'm leaving with confidence in my abilities and feel well-prepared to apply these skills in the job market. One outstanding aspect of the program is its ongoing support for graduates. They offer access to resources like career services meetings, 1-on-1 sessions for any project or topic assistance, labs, and study groups indefinitely. This commitment ensures that graduates have the necessary tools and support to succeed in their careers. The program excels at providing graduates with the resources they need for long-term success and job placement.

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The 9wk Full Stack Software
by Erik Hedman

The 9wk Full Stack Software Engineering Bookcamp program was exactly what I needed. The instructors and ecosphere and career services that TrueCoders has created really made the experience worthwhile. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to accelerate their software developer career path.

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I had no prior knowledge
by Anthony M

I had no prior knowledge of software engineering before enrolling in the TrueCoders program, however the courses gave me a great base level understanding of both front and back end development. I can confidently recommend their curriculum to anyone wanting to get into the tech industry as I progressed my knowledge to a high standard and am now employed in the field.

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The 9-week course I
by Lisa M

The 9-week course I took at Amoriss Mallet and Michael Cowell training was an astounding experience. They were incredibly accommodating and understanding to my other commitments—even in the final two weeks when I couldn’t fully participate. The instructor and TA were both exceedingly patient and attentive. Career services were also very supportive. All in all, I am extremely grateful for the instruction and guidance of Amoriss Mallet and Michael Cowell.

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Mix of positives and areas for improvement
by Anonymous was a mix of positives and areas for improvement. The ordering process was smooth, and I received prompt confirmation. While the course content covered a decent range, I felt it was rushed at times. The instructors were knowledgeable, but more personalized feedback would have been helpful. On the bright side, the platform was user-friendly, making access to course materials convenient.

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My journey with TrueCoders
by Ted Milton

My journey with TrueCoders for the Full Stack Web Development course was nothing short of exceptional! This bootcamp surpassed all my expectations, and I am absolutely thrilled with the entire experience. From the very beginning, it was evident that TrueCoders is a legit company, and the instructors and staff were dedicated to our success and genuinely passionate about sharing their knowledge. Throughout the nine weeks, I was constantly challenged, and my brain was stretched to its limits - but in the best possible way! The course's teaching structure and layout were impressive, providing an engaging and effective learning environment. One aspect I particularly loved was Career Services, where they equipped us with valuable tips and insights to pursue a successful career in Web Development. Whether you have a background in coding or not, this course is perfect for gaining confidence in coding and taking on a legit career in Web Development. I had zero coding experience, but with TrueCoders' support, I feel ready and excited to chase my dream job. Thank you, TrueCoders, for such an amazing and transformative experience - it's legit!

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