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Aston Villa Football Club, based in Aston, Birmingham, collaborates with Fanatics, a global sports merchandise leader. Fanatics, managing the club's online store, operates in over 180 countries, supporting 12 languages and 11 in call centers. With the acquisition of Kitbag in 2016, Fanatics extends its international reach from Manchester, serving over 30 partners in various sports. The company excels in event solutions, retail, and online services for major teams globally, including those in the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. The Villa Store operates under Fanatics' license at

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2013.

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I am somewhat dissatisfied with my recent
by Marta

I am somewhat dissatisfied with my recent purchase from the official store. The emblem on the sweatshirt I received deviates from the one displayed on the website. Notably, the logo's color is different, and instead of the expected "1874," it features "F. C." Furthermore, the logo itself exhibits variations. The lion, intended to be on a dark blue background, appears in a very bright shade of blue. Additionally, the lion's orientation is not as specified, casting a discrepancy from the official Villa logo. This departure from the expected quality is disheartening, especially considering the product's origin from the official store. Regrettably, I am unable to visually illustrate the disparities between the official store's website image and the actual product. The discernible distinctions are evident to even a non-expert, and this incident leaves me hesitant to make any future purchases from the official store. It is disconcerting that a purportedly official store would distribute merchandise with inaccuracies in the logos, particularly given the significant amount spent on the purchase.

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Quite a letdown. The company
by Kevin Edge

Quite a letdown. The company messed up the t-shirt order, sending a different design. Their return process, insisting on us footing the bill for their mistake, is disappointing. Initial contact with my wife was possible, but communication ceased a week ago, leaving us in the dark.

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Had no problem orderin' from the club's store.
by Stephanie

Had no problem orderin' from the club's store. Bit bummed they don't have the women's super league badge for the player shirts. Why not? It's the same team, just different leagues. If ya offer the premier league patch, should offer the WSL badge for us Villa Women's team fans too.

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Ordered 2 Christmas gifts, got just
by Pawel Walendzewicz

Ordered 2 Christmas gifts, got just one. Customer service vowed to resend the missing item for Christmas, but no updates since. Numerous attempts to contact them have been met with silence. Avoid this shop. Christmas for my son was ruined; he eagerly awaited that shirt.

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What an amazing experience!
by Anonymous

What an amazing experience! The people were so nice, and the customer service was really great. I'd definitely shop there again.

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