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About company

ISO Insurance, managed exclusively by current and former international students, is a prominent insurance plan provider. The company specializes in offering affordable health insurance coverage tailored to international students, scholars, and students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the United States. ISO's focus on this niche market ensures that international students receive suitable and cost-effective insurance plans to meet their specific needs while studying abroad. By leveraging its experience and understanding of the unique challenges faced by international students, ISO Insurance has become a trusted choice for those seeking reliable health insurance solutions during their educational journeys in the USA. The company's commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible coverage has solidified its position in the industry.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by John McPhee.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1998.

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Not cheap, no refund, low quality of support.
by George

First, they lie that they have cheap insurance; second, I strongly advise you to read the refund policy because they don't care if you are struggling financially (-357 USD from my pocket for 3 months). My insurance start date was 30 April 2024, but I found twice cheaper insurance; on the same day, 30 April 2024 first half of the day, I contacted their tech support, the answer was straightforward and rude (You can refer to Refund of Premium section on page 11.) and they refused to give me a refund; they offered to shift my insurance to the period which I wanted, but even they provide that offer to change insurance, after few days of discussion they refuse to do it either. In conclusion, as in our life, anything can happen anything. At least they could offer to take fees for a month and refund others left months but no. I don't recommend you buy insurance if they don't have a refund policy. I have saved all of the communications that I had with the insurance company.

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This's my first time gettin' OPT basic.
by Demi

This's my first time gettin' OPT basic. I didn't even know 'bout specific opt insurance, so I just used th' previous method to buy, but suddenly I found I was wrong. Jessie was very patient and professional, makin' a lot o' things clear, 'n more importantly, Jessie can communicate very effectively 'n clearly. Jessie described the whole point in complete sentences, not just sentence fragments, so it's very easy to understand her point.

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The company is really helpfull and responsive.
by Ariane

The company is really helpfull and responsive. They quickly answer my questions. Today, I emailed them and got a detailed response in no time.

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Fast and reaaly helpful responses
by Amalie

Fast and reaaly helpful responses, always nice. Never had any problems, and contacting them was easy.

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I suggested ISO insurance to some
by Anonymous

I suggested ISO insurance to some family friends and students because they respond fast, give helpful answers, and are nice people.

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The company provides excellent
by Huang

The company provides excellent customer service, especially for international students. I encountered some issues with my overlapping insurance plans, but Jessi was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process of selecting and transferring my coverage. She was very efficient in addressing my concerns and providing assistance.

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This insurance company stands
by Amandaylin2008

This insurance company stands out as an excellent choice for international students. The customer service team consistently provides strong support, and the claims process is straightforward.

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Absolutely grateful for the assistance
by Deirdra

Absolutely grateful for the assistance I received from this company. As an expat new to the US healthcare system, their support via WhatsApp was a game-changer. Swift and insightful responses made navigating healthcare complexities a breeze. Highly suggest their services.

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Absolutely impressed with their customer
by Matias

Absolutely impressed with their customer-centric approach! When I found myself in a tight spot, the team went above and beyond. A dedicated officer reached out, guiding me through the entire process. Their unwavering support not only eased my troubles but also left me genuinely grateful for their outstanding service.

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I must commend John for his
by Vincent

I must commend John for his exceptional assistance as an international student. He went above and beyond to ensure I grasped all the necessary details. The insurance provided by the company is not only affordable but also immensely beneficial. I highly recommend their services for their outstanding support and budget-friendly options.

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I made an error in selecting
by Abhary Eleyedath

I made an error in selecting my insurance policy, but the ISO Customer Care Unit promptly assisted me in switching coverage. Their response was exceptionally swift, and the service provided was both efficient and effective.

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This has been the most
by Roberto Baena

This has been the most unsatisfactory insurance experience I've ever had. I utilized ISO Silver during my time as a student last year, and I'm currently inundated with bills from healthcare providers. Shockingly, this insurance covers a mere 10% of my expenses, failing to provide adequate coverage for regular sickness and therapist services. It feels like a scam, particularly for international students unfamiliar with the local healthcare system. The authenticity of most reviews is questionable, and reaching out to address issues proves to be an arduous task.

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My experience with ISO Silver insurance has been incredibly disappointing
by Kelly S.

My experience with ISO Silver insurance has been incredibly disappointing. As an international student, I relied on their coverage, but it barely covered 10% of my medical expenses, even for basic health services and therapy. This has left me with substantial bills and undue stress. It's almost like a scam targeting unsuspecting international students who are unfamiliar with the U.S. healthcare system. Trying to reach their customer service for help with these issues has proven nearly impossible, further exacerbating my frustration. I'd advise fellow students to exercise caution, as many of the positive reviews for ISO Silver may not be genuine, and consider alternative insurance options.

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