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Explore an array of incredible partner deals encompassing games, mobile apps, subscription products, financial services, lotteries, jackpots, and more. These enticing offerings provide users with a diverse selection of opportunities to claim and enjoy. By availing themselves of these deals, individuals stand a chance to earn valuable gift card rewards, adding an extra layer of benefit to their experiences. The platform acts as a gateway to a multitude of attractive deals across various categories, ensuring a broad range of options to cater to diverse interests and preferences. It's a convenient and rewarding way for users to access and enjoy a variety of products and services.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in United States.
  • Founders: Flash Rewards is a website owned and operated by Main Source Media, LLC.
  • Foundation Date: -

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Was skeptical about this
by james

Was skeptical about this, was bored at work so tried it out, did many offers and reached £250 reward, then got busy at work so cashed out, had trouble with verification, contacted support, they checked and today got £250 Amazon, tip: be patient, don't use vpn for offers, can mess up reward.

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So, I had an issue with one game not
by Jen

So, I had an issue with one game not tracking, and I reached out to them. They asked for proof of completion, which I provided. Then, they said they wouldn't give me the deal credit, claiming I used a VPN, which I didn't because previous deals tracked fine without it. They're now saying they'll watch my account for VPN use. It's dishonest. I got the game through my real Google Play account, so their accusation doesn't make sense. I did everything right, but they're refusing to honor the deal. I'll be escalating this because it seems like they're trying to cheat people.

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I got a £100 gift card after doing
by Claire

I got a £100 gift card after doing some deals. At first, I wasn't sure about it, but when I got the card, I could spend it without any trouble. I had to talk to customer support to make sure everything was okay with my deal, but they were quick to reply and fix the problem. There were plenty of shops to pick from for the gift card. I'd do it again for sure.

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The company offers a reward system
by Anonymous

The company offers a reward system, and I managed to acquire a £100 gift card for Amazon through it. However, the process is somewhat intricate, requiring participation in trials and the possibility of placing bets and playing bingo. It's important to mention that I withdrew the money I initially invested. In total, I spent a few pounds to secure a £100 gift card, and the entire procedure took me approximately three hours.

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Complete bullsh*t! They make you
by Nikita Fall

Complete bullsh*t! They make you do surveys, download games and then they send you a message (even though I chose not to receive text messages), and ask you to call a "free number" to get your code for an amazon card. You call it and the number states that its a premium number and you'll be charged! Be careful its a SCAM!

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The reward at the end is good
by Tracy King

The reward at the end is good, but I must admit it's quite time-consuming, particularly with the games that need to be played. Some of these games don't reliably award the credits as promised. However, in the end, it's a genuine program, and you do receive the reward. The timing, especially right before Christmas, makes it a great reward despite the challenges along the way.

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I completed the £750 program
by Sahveren T

I completed the £750 program on my PayPal account last year, and this year, I signed up for the same program. However, the deals weren't credited to my account. I cashed out at £500, providing a selfie, bank statement, and ID as requested. Surprisingly, I received an email stating that someone in my property had completed the program on November 6th, resulting in disqualification. This is untrue, as I am the only adult in my household. Despite my requests for proof of the alleged completion by someone at my address, the company has been uncooperative, repeatedly referring to the terms and conditions. I've thoroughly reviewed the terms and conditions and have not violated any of them. The reward was crucial for my kids' Christmas, and the false disqualification has left me extremely disappointed. As of November 25th, I have sought advice from Citizens Advice and have contacted all the owners of the deals I completed, informing them that people are not receiving payouts from Flash Rewards. I have collected screenshots of their responses, including from Shave Kit, Adventure Academy, Disney+, and Amazon. My next step is awaiting a callback from the Daily Record. I am determined to fight this as I know I did not complete the reward program or receive a payout on November 6th, and no one else could have used my home address.

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