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Delve into an array of partner deals encompassing a wide spectrum of offerings, ensuring there's something for everyone, from gaming enthusiasts to those seeking financial solutions or entertainment options.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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Struggled to get credit for deals.
by Yaneia Lenoir

Struggled to get credit for deals. Lots of email back-and-forth. They accused me of using VPNs and proxies, even though I wasn't. Got the gift card eventually, but it was tough. Had to contact their domain provider to sort things out. Two stars.

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After trying to claim PayPal
by Josue

After trying to claim PayPal deals, I found that they were redirected to different deals, causing confusion. Even after confirming a deal, it takes hours or days to receive credit, which is frustrating. I had to complete around 10 deals to get credit for just 5. It's not worth the hassle unless you're very patient. Instead of PayPal money, I received a $100 CD prepaid Visa card online, which added more complications. There seem to be loopholes in the system.

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I have used this program in the
by Stephy

I have used this program in the past and decided to participate again after a year. As I was nearing completion, I requested credits for two missing items and the relocation of a couple of deals to the correct level. To my surprise, they sent me an email, instructing me to submit everything within a day, or I would be disqualified. Initially, they accused me of fraudulent activity and using the program to defraud, which I vehemently denied. Despite numerous emails, they claimed to see a pattern on my account, and now they allege I can't pass verification. I'm puzzled by their actions and hope they reverse this unjust decision. If I had reviewed them before, it would have been a 5-star rating.

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Denied me my $500 gift
by Lindsay W

Denied me my $500 gift card, initially confirming my eligibility and inquiring about my preferred method of acceptance. However, received an email later stating that I no longer met the criteria. Unbelievable. CAUTION ADVISED. If it were possible, I'd give a rating of 0 stars. I demand my funds. I possess screenshots and evidence.

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If you have plenty of time to spare
by Tamara S

If you have plenty of time to spare, let me share my experience with Flash Rewards to help you decide whether it's worth the risk. I came across a tempting offer of a £750 PayPal reward, and despite my usual skepticism, I decided to give it a shot after seeing seemingly legit reviews. After completing a few deals, I noticed some red flags. The deals often involved signing up for other sites, and the instructions were occasionally misleading. As I progressed through levels, the quality of deals declined, and some required playing games or signing up for questionable sites. I encountered a site asking for my PayPal details, which raised concerns. Despite adhering to their rules, some completed deals mysteriously disappeared, and their customer service wasn't helpful. To claim the reward, I had to provide proof of ID, and despite approval, I later received an email stating that someone else had claimed the reward using my identity. This raised serious security and GDPR concerns, and their response was dismissive. In summary, Flash Rewards proved to be unreliable, with misleading deals, security issues, and unhelpful customer service. I do not recommend it.

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