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About company

In the expansive landscape of online education marketplaces, this particular platform stands out for its remarkable growth, boasting the industry's highest course completion rate. While not claiming the title of the biggest or cheapest, it excels in commitment. Once a student commits to a course, this platform reciprocates that commitment, ensuring course completion through relentless support, reminders, and dedicated instructors. The emphasis is on delivering useful and comprehensive knowledge, supported by a 24x7 online assistance system. Offering courses in cutting-edge technologies, including Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Programming, and Application Development, it aims to turn beliefs into tangible realities for its students.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  • Founders: was founded by Lovleen Bhatia.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 201

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I had a positive experience with
by Anonymous

I had a positive experience with Edureka. I found the learning process enjoyable. The live classes covered useful content, and I appreciate the trainers' knowledge. They are experienced in their subjects and use real-life scenarios to explain concepts effectively. I successfully obtained my certification and would suggest Edureka to anyone seeking skill enhancement at a reasonable cost.

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I feel fortunate to have undertaken
by Ameer

I feel fortunate to have undertaken the full stack web development internship at Edureka. The elucidation provided was highly satisfactory.

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Edureka has been a game-changer for me post-college
by Ajay Kr

Edureka has been a game-changer for me post-college. Struggling with job interviews, my teacher recommended Edureka, and I enrolled in a web development course. The experience was transformative, significantly enhancing my skills and confidence. The course content was comprehensive, and the practical approach made a real difference. Now, I feel well-prepared for my career. If you're navigating post-college challenges, Edureka is a valuable resource to enhance your skills and broaden career opportunities. I highly recommend giving it a try for impactful and career-focused learning.

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I completed the Tableau Certification and Training program at Edureka
by Charles Mbir

I completed the Tableau Certification and Training program at Edureka, and it exceeded my expectations. The instructor-led course was well-structured, with an engaging and knowledgeable instructor leading the sessions. The content was thorough, covering key aspects of Tableau. I appreciated the hands-on exercises and real-world applications, enhancing my practical skills. The course's depth and quality have prepared me well for a career in data visualization. Overall, I highly recommend Edureka for anyone seeking comprehensive and effective training in Tableau. Thanks to Edureka for a rewarding learning experience!

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