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About company

Retail Market is an online retail store dedicated to streamlining the shopping process. Their extensive catalog features a diverse range of products chosen for their quality, style, and innovation. Whether enhancing home decor, furnishing an office, upgrading a kitchen, or exploring outdoor options, customers find a curated selection. The Retail Market prioritizes choice, offering categories like Home, Kitchen, Office Products, Furniture, Outdoors, Business Supplies, and Toys. Each department showcases the latest trends and top brands, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2023.

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It took two months to get the good
by Anonymous

It took two months to get the good (it was temporarely out of stock). The company was slow to keep me informed, and did not respond to queries on a timely basis. They did follow up two weeks after the good was finally received (and that person was reasonable); but it was too late.

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Really happy with my new drone buy!
by Ben

Really happy with my new drone buy! It's worth every penny, doing way better than I thought. The drone works really well, giving sharp and clear pictures from above with its great camera. It's easy to keep it steady and steer, even for someone like me who's new to flying drones. The drone is built tough, so I can take it on exciting flights without worrying about it breaking. The battery lasts a good while, giving me plenty of time to explore. Plus, it's small and easy to fold up, so I can take it anywhere. Overall, a great buy for anyone starting out or who loves flying drones – definitely recommend it!

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This company's customer service is just terrible.
by KImberly

This company's customer service is just terrible. They keep saying they're working on my refund because of technical issues, but it's been three months already. I strongly advise shopping elsewhere because you won't get any help if your order doesn't arrive or isn't what you expected. And the only way to contact them is through email.

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I ain't got my stuff yet, and
by Ginn

I ain't got my stuff yet, and I've been hittin' 'em up loads, but they ain't gettin' back to me for months. Finally, when they did, they said my order was sent out. But guess what? According to the tracking folks, it ended up in some weird warehouse nobody knows about.

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My experience with the company
by Nancy

My experience with the company wasn't great. I didn't get my item, and reaching out to them was a real challenge. It took them months to get back to me, and when they finally did, they just said the order was sent. The tracking info showed it went to some unknown warehouse as the final spot. Not cool.

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Avoid this company at all costs.
by Scarvesnthangs

Avoid this company at all costs. I placed an order in November, and it's now, and I'm still waiting for my item. Dealing with their customer service was a nightmare, and I've decided to initiate a chargeback with my credit card company. It seems like they might not even possess the items they claim to have on their site; it's possible they're drop shipping from another country. The whole operation seems dubious. Be cautious - this appears to be a scam site.

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The feedback on The Retail Market
by Anonymous

The feedback on The Retail Market is inconsistent. While a couple of customers claim to have received their products, a larger number, approximately five or six, express dissatisfaction due to non-receipt. A particularly alarming review suggests that The Retail Market, purportedly tied to Amazon, was exposed by a vigilant consumer's detailed research. According to this customer, Amazon denied any affiliation with The Retail Market, raising concerns about potential scamming practices. It appears that The Retail Market may be selectively delivering to a few customers to create a facade of legitimacy.

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I placed an order in November, and despite the item being advertised as in stock
by Dawn B

I placed an order in November, and despite the item being advertised as in stock, it was never shipped. Numerous emails requesting a refund have gone unanswered, and my money remains with them.

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Ordered an XL wall map of the USA on 12/03/23
by Elise Stimpfling

Ordered an XL wall map of the USA on 12/03/23, yet it hasn't arrived, and they deducted the payment from my account. Frustratingly, I'm left wondering how to secure a refund. The delay and lack of communication are frustrating. I am now contemplating seeking a refund and purchasing the item elsewhere to ensure a more reliable and timely service.

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